13 Beers on an Empty Table: Restaurants Honor US Military Killed in Afghanistan

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After 13 U.S. work members and implicit 100 Afghans were killed successful Afghanistan past week, bars and restaurants astir the state person acceptable up tributes to American lives lost.

For galore establishments — from Wyoming to New England — that meant mounting up 13 beers astatine an bare array to grant the 11 Marines, 1 Army worker and 1 subordinate of the Navy who died connected 1 of the deadliest days of the U.S. warfare successful Afghanistan. The work members were killed successful a termination bombing extracurricular Kabul's airport. More than 100 Afghans were besides killed.

One edifice worker told TODAY Food that the motion came retired of a tendency to amusement enactment for the military. Shannon Vazquez, the wide manager at Ironwood Cafe successful Westlake, Ohio, said she was inspired to acceptable up the show aft realizing that 1 of the men killed successful Afghanistan was an Ohio resident.

Shannon Vazquez

Shannon Vazquez said the show astatine the Ironwood Cafe was inspired by a akin tribute she had seen online.

"All that deed location for maine … I conscionable wanted everybody to cognize that we present astatine Ironwood enactment our troops and retrieve our fallen," said Vazquez, who said she comes from a subject family. "We commune for the families that mislaid their person oregon household member, and we request to instrumentality attraction of our military, enactment and grant our troops and fallen servicemen and women."

Teri Lippy, proprietor and relation of Eleven Lakes Brewing Company successful North Carolina, said she and her girl decided to put a tribute connected 1 of their tables aft seeing different brewery bash thing similar.

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"We conscionable happened to person 13 beers connected the paper that day, truthful my girl went and filled each the glasses and enactment them connected the table," Lippy told TODAY.

The brewery besides happened to person a emblem that had been draped connected the coffin of a fallen worker respective years before, donated by a patron. Lippy said she had precocious enactment the emblem successful a show lawsuit and decided to see it connected the table.

"I didn't cognize what to bash with the flag, I conscionable knew I needed to instrumentality truly bully attraction of it, and I ne'er truly knew what I was going to bash with it too hanging it connected the partition … And past of people this calamity happened," Lippy said, adding done tears that she had been "destroyed" by the nonaccomplishment of beingness and noting that galore of those killed were astir her daughter's age. "I didn't cognize what to do, I knew I had to bash something, and I thought, 'That's the crushed wherefore I've been holding connected to this emblem for truthful long, truthful that we could wage tribute to these kids.'"

Lippy said her show volition stay up for 13 days.

Teri Lippy

Teri Lippy astatine Eleven Lakes Brewing utilized a emblem donated by a patron to adhd immoderate other sentiment to her tribute.

At Whitey's Fish Camp, a Florida eatery, a akin show aims to disrupt the "political swinging" surrounding the tragedy and punctual radical astir the sacrifices made by U.S. troops.

"We benignant of saw the inclination going connected and we thought we should amusement support," said Alex Ham, who runs the restaurant, which was established by his grandfather, a Navy veteran. "It was bittersweet that determination was truthful overmuch governmental swinging going on. We felt that determination was a batch little absorption connected what's truly important, which is who we lost."

Mallory Bond, co-owner of Bond's Brewing Company successful Wyoming, said her edifice has acceptable up a show of 13 beers and is besides raising wealth for a veteran's organization. She added that for her husband, the brewery's different co-owner, the calamity deed home: His household has a subject past and his great-uncle was adjacent successful the Easy Company portion portrayed in HBO's "Band of Brothers" miniseries.

"Military has been adjacent to his bosom and we person a batch of friends and household members who person served," Bond told TODAY. "A batch of our locals and regulars are successful the military, truthful we thought we should bash immoderate we could to springiness backmost and … assistance retired arsenic overmuch arsenic we could from afar. We had it close by the beforehand door, truthful erstwhile radical would locomotion successful they would halt and instrumentality a look astatine it."

Mallory Bond

The show astatine Bond's Brewing Company is besides raising wealth for veterans successful need.

Bond said astatine slightest 1 patron has offered to lucifer each donations raised and the brewery volition besides lucifer each the funds.

"It's bully to spot our assemblage travel together," helium said.

Vazquez, the wide manager successful Ohio, said it's been touching to spot patrons respond to the display.

"I had 1 man springiness maine a hug. He was precise affectional astir it; helium mislaid his gramps successful the enactment of duty," Vazquez said. "I had a batch of radical thanking me, shaking my hand. They were highly touched by it."


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