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Kayleigh McEnany: Biden administration 'incentivizing' flow of migrant children at southern border

The Biden administration "incentivizing" migrant children to cross the southern border is the "opposite of compassion," former White House press secretary and Fox News Analyst Kayleigh McEnany told "The Story" Tuesday.

MCENANY: If you think about what's going on now, within 72 hours these kids are supposed to be transferred from [the Department of Homeland Security] to [Health and Human Services] as they endeavor to unite them with family members or relatives in the United States, which is a very complicated process, sometimes a long process. And there are real fears that, one, the overcrowding at facilities, where you have some facilities at 323% of what they can hold capacity-wise. That's one fear. Of course, traveling to the border, being trafficked, is another fear. And then there's the fear of not actually reuniting them with a relative or someone who can care for them within our interior. So there are a lot of hazards here for kids. It's the opposite of compassion to incentivize this.

It's very tough when you have stood at the podium [like Jen Psaki] and said "we're not going to send children back." What that does is it incentivize the flow. It’s what Republicans have called that pool factor of increasing the number of children that come to the border, increasing the number of children who are going to be human trafficked and victims of violence and abuse. To be candid now is good, but to previously have said "we're not sending anybody back, we're essentially open for business here," that’s a troubling prospect that led to where we are now.



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