27-Year-Old Garland Man Fighting for Life Against COVID-19

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A Garland constabulary serviceman is asking for prayers, saying his household needs a occurrence arsenic his 27-year-old lad fights for his beingness against COVID-19.

Like a batch of young people, Rene Granado believes it was a cognition of invincibility that kept his lad Fabian from getting vaccinated.

“Fabian is an unthinkable person. For a 27-year-old, helium has accomplished a full batch successful his life,” said Rene Granado. “He’s a man’s man. He’s the antheral that volition bash thing for you astatine immoderate time.”

It’s an representation that’s hard to reconcile with the idiosyncratic present lying successful a infirmary bed, relying connected machines.

Two weeks ago, Granado flew from Garland to beryllium by Fabian’s bedside successful Jacksonville, Florida wherever he’s enrolled successful commercialized school.

He said helium encouraged his lad to get the vaccine, but helium didn’t marque it a priority.

“He thought if helium got COVID that helium could bushed it due to the fact that he’s ever had this I tin combat anything, I tin triumph thing attitude,” said Granado.


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Now with Fabian hooked to some an ECMO instrumentality and ventilator, Granado said they’re hoping for a occurrence and relying connected prayers, which person poured successful not lone from North Texas but each implicit the world.

Still, helium fears the worst.

“If it comes to that point, what bash I archer him? Do I archer him 'Son, you’re not going to marque this?’ Or bash I conscionable archer him, ‘I emotion you,' and effort my champion not to outcry done it?” helium said.

It’s an unimaginable concern for immoderate parent, 1 helium hopes others won’t person to face.  

“If there’s 1 happening that Fabian tin do, that his beingness tin bash to prevention radical retired there, to service God’s will, perceive to maine and spell get your vaccine,” said Granado.

He said Fabian’s communicative has convinced others successful their household who weren’t vaccinated to get the vaccine.

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