‘5 Minutes of Silence' Honors 56,000 Texans Killed by COVID-19

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The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council is asking North Texans to observe 5 minutes of soundlessness astatine noon connected Sept. 3 to "reflect connected the nonaccomplishment of beingness and the difficulties caused by the pandemic successful Texas."

"This is our mode of offering acknowledgment to our physicians, clinicians, healthcare enactment staff, archetypal responders, and hospitals for their tremendous efforts to forestall and dainty COVID-19," said W. Stephen Love, president/CEO of DFWHC.

Love said the infirmary assembly besides hopes the 5 minutes of soundlessness helps to fto radical cognize of the ongoing information presented by COVID-19.

"At this precise moment, our hospitals are filling up with patients and radical are dying," Love said. "Our healthcare workforce has been dealing with this pandemic for a precise agelong time."

During the 5 infinitesimal observance, Love said helium hopes radical absorption connected the increasing fig of Texans who person been killed successful the pandemic, the healthcare heroes who person worked for months connected extremity to assistance those sickened by the microorganism and, finally, what they tin bash to assistance bring astir an extremity to the pandemic.

Medical experts accidental the 4th question of the pandemic has go a pandemic of the unvaccinated with the overwhelming bulk of hospitalized patients being those who person not been vaccinated.

"If you are unvaccinated, delight get vaccinated arsenic soon arsenic possible. They are escaped and safe," said Love. "We would besides similar to inquire everyone, whether vaccinated oregon unvaccinated, to delight deterioration masks erstwhile astir different people. We indispensable alteration this contiguous surge."

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The infirmary council, citing the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, said connected Aug. 25 much Texas hospitals were reporting a shortage of ICU beds than astatine immoderate different clip since the pandemic began, with much than 93% of the hospitalized COVID-19 patients unvaccinated.

"We anticipation everyone volition enactment successful the 5 minutes of soundlessness arsenic we proceed our combat against this precise unsafe COVID-19 virus," Love said.

Five minutes of soundlessness is from noon until 12:05 p.m. connected Friday, Sept. 3.

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