92% of College Freshmen Are Optimistic About Their Lives, Poll Finds

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The pandemic, a not-so-distant recession and a politically polarized America notwithstanding, first-year assemblage students are overwhelmingly optimistic astir their future, adjacent if they’re little assured astir the absorption of the state and the world, a caller canvass found.

A whopping 92 percent of the freshmen — attending either two-year oregon four-year institutions — accidental they’re optimistic astir their idiosyncratic lives, including 28 percent who are “super” optimistic, according to the online NBC News/Generation Lab canvass of 1,108 incoming students conducted Aug. 18-19 nationwide.

Another 92 percent deliberation they’ll get the occupation they privation aft they graduate, 88 percent decidedly oregon astir apt program to get married, and astir 4 successful 5 program to person children. 

Less than fractional of the respondents — 48 percent — said they’re optimistic astir the United States, however, portion 60 percent are optimistic astir the world. 

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