A Man Facing Homelessness Is Given a Second Chance Thanks to Waxahachie Restaurant Owner

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James Mees is making meals for folks astatine Big Al's Down The Hatch edifice successful Waxahachie. But conscionable a fewer days backmost Mees didn't cognize wherever his ain adjacent repast was coming from.

"I had a full six days betwixt getting evicted from the hotel," James Mees said.

Mees discontinue a occupation helium was moving due to the fact that helium was readying to determination backmost to Illinois with friends but that fell through. Now Mees was stuck with nary occupation and not capable to wage rent wherever helium was staying.

"I'm not going to beryllium present and accidental I wasn't afraid,” Mees said. “I was frightened to death. I didn't privation to slumber connected the streets again. I've done that before. It's not fun."

Mees added, "I prayed. That's each I could do. Nothing successful this satellite is successful our hands. It's successful god's hands truthful I said my prayers."

That’s wherever Al Mack comes in. He owns the restaurant.

"The biggest happening close present is conscionable uncovering employees that privation to work," Big Al’s Down The Hatch proprietor Al Mack said.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

He's besides a well-known vigor property from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.  Mack didn't cognize Mees' situation. He lone knew that Mees was anxious to work.

"He was 10 minutes aboriginal for his interview,” Mack said. “He was 10 minutes aboriginal his archetypal time of work."

Later helium learned that Mees was facing homelessness. So, Mack took things a measurement further. He recovered Mees a spot to rent and adjacent paid his deposit and archetypal month’s rent to support him disconnected the streets.

"This is simply a antheral trying to assistance different antheral erstwhile he's down and out, conscionable going done a hard time, and God putting it connected your bosom to effort and assistance somebody," Mack said.

Which is precisely what Mees needed.

"It's similar God answered the prayers that I was praying man," Mees said.  "It mightiness not beryllium the biggest happening to him, but this meant the satellite to me," Mees added portion wiping distant tears.

It's been an affectional travel for some men.  A way Mack encourages others to take.

"Yes we should each effort to assistance each other,” Mack said. “We got 2 hands. One to assistance ourselves up and 1 to assistance idiosyncratic else."      

Mack isn’t asking Mees to wage him back.  He lone wants him to wage it forward.

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