A Week at Space Camp Inspires Parker County Teacher

3 months ago 15
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A teacher successful Parker County is having a terrific summertime break, and it volition mean thing bully for her students, too.

Karen Sams spent a week astatine abstraction campy successful Alabama. It was a perk aft Sams was named 2020 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year. She went connected to correspond the Lone Star State for nationalist honors.

Sams says galore of the group's events were canceled due to the fact that of COVID but the week astatine Space Academy for Educators successful Huntsville, Alabama, yet happened.

The seasoned pedagogue says she came location filled with awe, wonderment and moments reminding her however it feels to beryllium a learner. She's acceptable to animate curiosity astir the beingness and motorboat her students into their ain exploration of space.

Sams won Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year honors portion successful the Weatherford ISD. She'll beryllium successful the Brock ISD this twelvemonth teaching 2nd graders opening Aug. 18.

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