About 100 of 613 US Olympians Unvaccinated as Games Begin

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About 100 of the 613 U.S. athletes descending connected Tokyo for the Olympics are unvaccinated, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee's aesculapian main said hours earlier Friday night's opening ceremony.

Medical manager Jonathan Finnoff said 567 of the American athletes had filled retired their wellness histories arsenic they prepared for the trip, and an estimated 83% had replied they were vaccinated.

“Eighty-three percent is really a important fig and we're rather blessed with it,” Finnoff said.

Nationally, 56.3% of Americans person received astatine slightest 1 dose of the vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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The IOC has estimated astir 85% of residents of the Olympic Village are vaccinated; that's based that connected what each country's Olympic committee reports but is not an independently verified number.

The USOPC fig is much coagulated — based connected questionnaires athletes were asked to capable retired earlier they came to Japan. Finnoff said the committee is not differentiating its attraction of athletes based connected whether they're vaccinated.

“The champion happening to bash is to presume everyone's astatine risk, and trim hazard by introducing COVID mitigation measures that we cognize work,” helium said.

So far, 2 American athletes — beach volleyball subordinate Taylor Crabb and Kara Eaker, an alternate connected the gymnastics team — are known to person tested positive. The IOC has reported 13 positives among each athletes successful Japan.

The vaccination complaint was the biggest quality to travel retired of an hourlong Q&A with USOPC enactment — a acold antithetic matter from the past pre-Olympic quality conference. That one, astatine the Winter Olympics successful Pyeongchang, was dominated by speech of the federation's handling of enactment maltreatment cases successful the aftermath of the proceedings of erstwhile squad doc Larry Nassar.

A visitant from overseas who is progressive with the Tokyo Olympics successful an organizing capableness tested affirmative for the COVID-19.

The USOPC enactment has astir wholly turned implicit since then.

Susanne Lyons is the caller chair, Sarah Hirshland is the caller CEO and Rick Adams is the caller main of athletics performance.

Part of the USOPC's reboot progressive deemphasizing the quest for medals and focusing much connected jock wellness and welfare. The U.S. has led the medals array astatine each Summer Games since 1996, the Olympics aft the aged Soviet squad disbanded.

But Hirshland is good alert that her performance, and the team's, volition inactive beryllium judged astatine immoderate level connected medals.

“Is the U.S. coming present hoping to triumph a batch of medals? You stake we are,” Hirshland said.

All expectations, however, are tempered by the world that a COVID outbreak could crook plans upside down.

“Athletes person adjusted to being comfy being uncomfortable,” Adams said. “They’ve been experiencing it, and implicit the adjacent 17 days, the anticipation is to acceptable expectations astir things that could change.”

All Summer Olympic medals diagnostic the aforesaid Greek goddess: Nike, the goddess of victory. Watch to larn wherefore this fig of past Greek mythology became a fixture successful the Olympic Summer Games.

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