Amanda Kloots responds to criticism for dating again after late husband Nick Cordero's death

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Kloots said connected "The Talk" connected Friday that she has started dating again, saying that "it is hard."

"Both of my husbands, I met doing Broadway shows," she said. "We became friends first, past we got married. Obviously with Nick, we had a child. I've ne'er really had to date. And I conscionable started dating again and it is truthful brainsick to beryllium dating for the archetypal clip astatine 39 years old. And it's rather terrifying and truly retired of your element, and it's just, it's hard."

    Amanda Kloots remembers precocious   hubby  Nick Cordero connected  one-year day  of his death

    When she was asked however it was going, Kloots said she has met "wonderful people" and it's been a "great process truthful far."

      "I volition conscionable accidental it's precise hard," she said.

      Later Friday, she highlighted a remark from an Instagram idiosyncratic who said "that was fast" successful effect to her dating again.

      "How situation you justice anyone particularly idiosyncratic going done this process," Kloots posted connected her Instagram story, successful effect to that comment.

      Amanda Kloots says she's acceptable   for therapy aft  Nick Cordero's decease

      She added she volition further code the contented soon.

      "There's excessively overmuch to accidental and excessively overmuch that widows woody with to not speech astir it," Kloots wrote. "Until past I volition telephone retired anyone who is rude capable to remark similar this."

      Cordero, a Broadway actor, died past July aft a conflict with Covid-19 astatine 41 years old. Kloots, a erstwhile Broadway dancer, regularly updated her societal media accounts with updates connected her husband's condition, and said helium had battled the illness for much than 3 months, during which clip helium suffered aggregate Covid-19 complications and had to person his limb amputated.

        The 2 met erstwhile they were some performing successful "Bullets implicit Broadway," and they joined successful 2017. Together, they person a 2-year-old son, Elvis.

        Over the past year, Kloots has shared her travel and grief with her societal media followers, saying earlier this twelvemonth she was "finally acceptable to spell to therapy to code the trauma."

        CNN's Lisa Respers France contributed to this report.

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