'America's Dad' Bob Saget also loved dirty jokes. He mastered both

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(CNN)Danny Tanner was great, but Bob Saget loved moving blue.

The prima of the household affable "Full House" and "Fuller House" bid and big of the adjacent much G-rated "America's Funniest Home Videos" was besides good known for his crass humor.

It was a duality that galore loved astir the TV prima and comic who died Sunday astatine the property of 65.

    "I don't cognize 1 comic who ever spent clip with Bob Saget and wasn't successful awe of however incredibly chill helium was arsenic a quality being," comedian and sports commentator Jonny Loquasto tweeted. "Thank you for teaching our procreation truthful galore beingness lessons connected tv and past telling america truthful galore soiled jokes connected stage. RIP."

      Saget's quality successful Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza's 2005 documentary "The Aristocrats" expanded cognition of a antheral who had played 1 of the astir wholesome and dorky dads successful sitcom history.

        In the documentary, Saget is 1 of the comics who takes connected a famed soiled gag known acold and wide successful comedic circles. Saget's mentation has been hailed arsenic 1 of the top and "filthiest" of each time. (We can't repetition it here, but it's an casual net search.)

        Here are immoderate examples of the wit Saget, who besides played a foul-mouthed mentation of himself connected the HBO bid "Entourage," leaves behind.

          Working atrocious gigs successful the aboriginal years

          "This is what happened: there's a stripper connected signifier and I don't retrieve overmuch astir it, but she's there. She's got small Easy Bake Oven pastry pans implicit her nether regions - which I judge is adjacent Finland, I'm not sure. And she's got Scotch-taped matches implicit the country and she lights the matches connected fire. Then she does a small creation successful her cocaine stupor and past she conscionable blows herself out.

          Then she goes 'And present the drama of Bob Saget.'"

          - From Saget's 2017 basal up peculiar "Bob Sagat: Zero to Sixty."

          Quick connected the trigger

          "I speech existent fast. If you person immoderate drugs instrumentality them now. I'm serious, alright? I'm not funny, but I americium quick. That's a occupation I person with women too."

          I cognize that smell

          "(Sniffs) Wait. I cognize what the astonishment is. Joey, you're making that chili again."

          - Danny Tanner (Saget) with his eyes closed being led to the room erstwhile the household tries to fell a equine successful their surviving country during an occurrence of "Full House."

          He got his consciousness of wit from his dad

            "He was a supermarket person. He said that 1 time A&P was going to merge with Stop and Shop and beryllium 'Stop and P.'"

            - Saget's "Dirty Dad Jokes" from his 2013 peculiar "That's What I'm Talking About."

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