Amid Travel Surge, North Texas Blogger Shares Adventures Close to Home

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It's being called "revenge travel,” that post-vaccine, post-shutdown question boom. But portion it’s led to a surge successful travel-related costs, a North Texas question blogger says there’s an alternate person to home.

"We're the size of respective countries, truthful surely we person respective countries worthy of attractions,” said Jessica Serna.

It’s a constituent Serna’s made a vocation retired of proving.

In the 3 years since she started her blog, My Curly Adventures, Serna said she and her hubby person taken and documented much than 60 trips.

My Curly Adventures

Those person included surfing the sands of Monahans, stepping backmost successful clip exploring a medieval castle successful Bellville and enactment swinging into Wimberly's crystal bluish spring.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

"To recognize that you don't person to question acold to person this unthinkable experience. Like, we person magic successful our ain backyards is 1 happening I similar to say,” said Serna.

Serna said sometimes, that means exploring North Texas.

The time she was interviewed for this story, Serna and her hubby had ventured to Lake Ray Hubbard for a picnic and sunset sail aboard the Sea Wolf.

Serna said cities similar Rockwall, oregon possibly Canton, whitethorn not beryllium apical of caput but tin battalion a play afloat of escapade for travelers turned disconnected by the caller surge successful question costs acknowledgment to renewed involvement successful the aftermath of the pandemic.

She added, it's besides a mode to sphere the places that marque Texas genuinely special.

"Especially close now, truthful galore tiny businesses person been affected. So erstwhile you spell to these tiny towns, you're eating astatine the mom-and-pop shops. You're going and buying the small boutiques, staying successful these small inns wherever radical person conscionable enactment truthful overmuch bosom into it,” said Serna.

With a passionateness for helping radical recognize they don’t request extended clip disconnected oregon wealth to travel, Serna’s conscionable released a usher sharing much than 50 Texas trips nether $50.

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