Another 15 TB of Data Lost From Dallas Police, City Secretary Archives, City Says

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The metropolis of Dallas confirms Monday different 15 terabytes of information is missing from constabulary and metropolis caput archive computers. That's connected apical of the 8 terabytes reported missing earlier this month.

City officials confirmed to NBC 5 Monday day that Dallas constabulary discovered the further nonaccomplishment portion conducting an audit of the mislaid data.

The files were believed to person been deleted during a information migration process successful the spring.

Earlier this period Dallas County District Attorney John Crezot said astir 14 terabytes of information were recovered, but 8 terabytes were thought to beryllium unrecoverable. That's not including the 15 terabytes announced missing Monday.

The deleted files were believed to beryllium information archived earlier July 2020. The metropolis said they are inactive unsure what information precisely is gone for good. Lawyers said the mislaid information could jeopardize tribunal cases.

Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia said convulsive transgression files were not affected.


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City officials told NBC 5 Monday that the audit is ongoing.

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