Army Announces That 98% of Active Duty Troops Received Covid Vaccine Before Deadline

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The United States Army announced contiguous that 98% of its progressive work troops person received a COVID-19 vaccine up of this week’s deadline to get inoculated.

“The United States Army announced contiguous that 468,459 active-component Soldiers person been vaccinated against COVID-19, less than 120 days aft a vaccination mandate went into effect for each U.S. work members,” the Army said successful a press release. “That fig represents 98 percent of the active-duty unit who person received astatine slightest 1 dose of the vaccine, portion 96 percent – a full of 461,209 Soldiers – are afloat vaccinated. The Army is inactive processing thousands of exemption requests for those seeking aesculapian oregon administrative exemptions, including spiritual exemptions.”

Army officials person received 621 requests for imperishable aesculapian exemptions. Of that number, 4 person been approved, 516 person been disapproved and 101 are nether review. 1,661 spiritual accommodation requests are presently nether review, with 85 already having been disapproved.

Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth said vaccinating soldiers “is archetypal and foremost astir Army readiness,” thanking each of those who person already received the vaccine.

Wormuth warned that those who bash not comply with the mandate hazard consequences, apt dishonorable discharge.

“To those who proceed to garbage the vaccine and are not pending a last determination connected a aesculapian oregon administrative exemption, I powerfully promote you to get the vaccine. If not, we volition statesman involuntary separation proceedings,” she said.

Commanders volition initiate involuntary separation adjacent period for soldiers who garbage to comply with the mandate, which Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced successful August.

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