Aussie shooter given huge Olympics honour

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By Brett Graham and Chris de Silva

Australian shooter Elena Galiabovitch said she was "humbled and honoured" to beryllium chosen by the IOC to transportation the Olympic emblem astatine the opening ceremony successful Tokyo.

Along with being an unthinkable athlete, Galiabovitch is simply a doc who has been heavy progressive successful the fight against COVID-19 successful Australia implicit the past 18 months.


The 31-year-old volition beryllium successful enactment for Australia successful some the shooting 10m Air Pistol and the 25m Pistol events and is astatine her 2nd Olympics, having participated astatine Rio successful 2016.

"Never successful my wildest dreams did I ever deliberation that I would ever assistance transportation the Olympic emblem astatine an Opening Ceremony," said Galiabovitch.

"I'm humbled and honoured to person been invited to enactment successful carrying the Olympic flag," she added.

"Not lone americium I representing the continent of Oceania and each its athletes, but I americium privileged to beryllium representing the Australian Olympic Team, the 15-member Australian Shooting team, and each front-line aesculapian workers who person done specified a magnificent occupation nether precise hard circumstances implicit the past 18 months," she added.

Elena Galiabovitch. (Getty)

There is simply a spot of romanticism successful Galiabovitch's communicative and however she came to beryllium progressive successful the sport.

She was calved successful Belarus and moved to Australia erstwhile she was four, wherever she decided to effort shooting arsenic it was however her parents initially met.

Galiabovitch is coached by her begetter Vladimir, who is besides Australia's nationalist pistol coach.

While preparing for her 2nd Games, Galiabovitch has besides been studying for a Masters grade to go a urological surgeon.

"My aesculapian travel has taken a fewer turns successful the past mates of years," she told the ABC earlier this year.

"I was accepted to commencement this year, but I've deferred for the Olympic Games, and I'll beryllium starting adjacent twelvemonth successful February."

Australian Olympic shooter Elena Galiabovitch has been heavy progressive successful the combat against COVID-19. (Instagram)

Along with nighttime shifts successful a Melbourne infirmary dealing with COVID-19 patients, she has besides helped retired astatine drive-through investigating clinics during the pandemic.

"I felt bully I could astatine slightest bash thing astatine the clip to assistance out," Galiabovitch told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I didn't bash an tremendous magnitude of shifts due to the fact that I wasn't moving full-time astatine immoderate of the nationalist hospitals, but it is confronting to spot idiosyncratic dying from the lung illness COVID tin cause."

The Melbourne-based Galiabovitch claimed her archetypal planetary rubric successful 2015 erstwhile she won the 25m Pistol lawsuit astatine the Oceania Championships.

While Galiabovitch was not capable to assertion a medal successful Rio, she had overmuch much occurrence astatine the Commonwealth Games successful 2018, wherever she claimed a metallic successful the 25m Pistol and a bronze successful the 10m Air Pistol.

Australian Chef de Mission, Ian Chesterman, said Galiabovitch joins a uncommon radical of Australian athletes to person carried the Olympic emblem astatine an Opening Ceremony.

"It was 21 years agone astatine the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games erstwhile 8 of Australia's top Olympians namely Murray Rose, Marjorie Jackson, Michael Wenden, Bill Roycroft, Liane Tooth, Gillian Rolton, Lorraine Crapp and Nick Green carried the Olympic emblem astir the Sydney Olympic Stadium," said Chesterman.

"Elena has contributed to the wellness and payment of Australians and Australian communities done the pandemic portion grooming for the Tokyo Olympics.

"We are arrogant to person her successful this Olympic squad and applaud her designation successful being a emblem bearer astatine the Opening Ceremony.

"It was besides a poignant infinitesimal for her household particularly her dad, Vladimir Galiabovitch, who has besides been her Pistol manager astatine the 2016 Rio Olympics and again her astatine these Tokyo Games," helium added.

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