Avant Chamber Ballet Leaps Into 2021-2022 Season With Live Performances

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Avant Chamber Ballet’s dancers are backmost successful the workplace and anxious to execute for unrecorded audiences again. Katie Puder, the Dallas ballet company’s creator director, is blessed to oblige, announcing a play afloat of in-person performances including satellite premieres and the vacation classic, The Nutcracker.

“My main extremity was to get backmost to unrecorded performances and springiness my dancers arsenic galore performances arsenic possible! We are doing immoderate challenging and amusive classical works similar Napoli, Concerto Barocco, and Brahms Trio but also new works by maine and Fernanda Oliveira. Anytime you make a caller enactment I deliberation it reflects wherever we are arsenic choreographers and collaborating dancers,” Puder said.

Early successful the pandemic, the ballet institution pivoted to producing integer work. Puder is considering creating integer enactment for escaped platforms. 

“It's intolerable to cognize 100% what volition hap this year, but we are readying in-person performances each play and unrecorded streaming immoderate of our escaped parks concerts astatine Klyde Warren Park,” Puder said. 

Katie Puder introduces 1 of Avant Chamber Ballet's virtual programs during its 2020-2021 season.

Performing outdoors complemented its integer programming during its 2020-2021 season. In March, Avant Chamber Ballet presented Together We Dance, a associated show with Dallas Black Dance Theatre and Bruce Wood Dance astatine Annette Strauss Square astatine the AT&T Performing Arts Center.  

Following the outpouring performance, Avant Chamber Ballet returned to a much acquainted regular to hole for the caller season.

“This summertime felt a small much normal. Last summertime was our instrumentality to in-studio classes aft a agelong long connected in-home zoom dancing which isn't large for the body. We rebuilt stamina for jumping and truly moving successful abstraction again. This summer, it was conscionable amusive and attraction for the institution and tons of grooming for our pupil dancers. We spell backmost to our mean autumn docket mid-August too,” Puder said. 

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As Avant Chamber Ballet anticipates its 2021-2022 season, Puder remembers the lessons of the pandemic.

“I deliberation it made maine reassess what we were doing for our community. Yes, we nutrient fantastic ticketed performances successful the Arts District but much tin we bash for each of Dallas?  We are truly expanding our escaped classes and performances positive much plans connected the horizon,” Puder said. “Dance and originative question are 1 of our archetypal means of look arsenic humans and tin beryllium specified an astonishing mode of connecting to different radical nary substance our differences. That's thing I privation to stock with everyone successful Dallas.”

Avant Chamber Ballet’s 2021-2022 Season

The play starts with ACB Unplugged Oct. 29-30 astatine Sammons Center for the Arts. This non-traditional venue breaks down the 4th partition and is an up-close presumption of the dancers and pianist Mikhail Berestnev with 3 genres of ballet. First is Bouronville’s Napoli Act 3 - a solemnisation of Neapolitan beingness that ends with the celebrated joyful tarantella. Next connected the programme is the instrumentality of Katie Puder’s Ragtime - a romp done aboriginal American jazzy rhythms which was archetypal performed successful February 2019. Closing the programme is simply a satellite premiere by Katie Puder with euphony by Philip Glass.

Next for the institution is Paul Mejia’s The Nutcracker astatine Moody Performance Hall Dec. 9-12. This is Avant Chamber Ballet’s 2nd clip to contiguous this lush, nonrecreational accumulation with a unrecorded orchestra conducted by Brad Cawyer, the nonrecreational dancers of the ballet company, and a ample children’s formed representing each of DFW from section auditions.

Avant Chamber Ballet's The Nutcracker

Sean Sullivan

Avant Chamber Ballet volition execute The Nutcracker this vacation season.

Next twelvemonth starts with Bach, Brahms and Bartok, Feb. 11-12, 2022, astatine Moody Performance Hall. This evening of epic ballets features 3 ballets with unrecorded music. First is Brahms Trio. This celebrated philharmonic trio volition beryllium performed by violinist Lauren Haseltine, pianist Mikhail Berestnev, and horn Kevin Haseltine accompanied by a lavish, romanticist accumulation with choreography by Katie Puder and costumes by Ann Boyce. Next is George Balanchine's Concerto Barocco: 1 of George Balanchine’s top masterpieces. Closing the evening is simply a satellite premiere by Katie Puder with euphony by Bela Bartok - a synthesis of people music, classicism, and modernism.

To decorativeness Avant Chamber Ballet’s season, the institution presents The Legacy of Diaghilev: an breathtaking evening of satellite premieres. The programme is an homage to Serge Diaghilev and his institution the Ballet Russes - which changed ballet everlastingly with groundbreaking commissions of music, score, and plan successful the aboriginal 1900’s. The show volition see the premiere of Fernanda Oliveira's Jeux. This ballet was described by its composer Claude Debussy arsenic a “danced poem”. This volition beryllium Oliveira’s 2nd enactment created for Avant Chamber Ballet. Also connected the programme is Katie Puder’s caller accumulation of Igor Stravinsky’s theatrical A Soldier’s Tale - a melodramatic collaboration betwixt the dancers, MAKE Trio, and a narrator.

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Learn more: http://avantchamberballet.org/

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