Biden Meets Ukraine Leader in Long-Sought Oval Office Visit

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President Joe Biden utilized his archetypal gathering with a overseas person since ending the warfare successful Afghanistan to nonstop the connection Wednesday that the United States — unburdened of its “forever war” — is determined to go a much reliable state to its friends, successful this lawsuit Ukraine.

Biden played big to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for a long-sought Oval Office gathering and tried to reassure him that his medication remains squarely down the Eastern European nation.

Biden didn't notation Afghanistan successful his little quality with Zelenskyy earlier cameras.

But helium highlighted his concerns astir Russian aggression successful the region. Biden, successful making his lawsuit to extremity the warfare successful Afghanistan, repeatedly said winding down the 20-year struggle would let the U.S. to enactment greater absorption connected combating malevolent acts from adversaries Russia and China.

“The United States remains firmly committed to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity successful the look of Russian aggression and for Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” Biden said.

The Ukrainian leader, who had recovered himself ensnarled successful Donald Trump’s archetypal impeachment, arrived astatine the White House looking to Biden for accrued subject assistance and backing for his country’s bid for NATO membership.

The gathering was postponed 2 days portion Biden and his nationalist information squad were consumed by the American subject withdrawal from Afghanistan. The withdrawal, which concluded Monday, near down galore Afghans who had worked with the Americans and their allies and who present fearfulness Taliban rule. This led to disapproval that the U.S. was little than a reliable planetary partner, thing Biden was anxious to counter.

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The optics of the infinitesimal did not spell unnoticed by the Ukrainian president, who is looking to fortify his country's narration with the U.S.

“At a hard clip for the satellite and the United States ... inactive you recovered clip for america and we're thankful for this indeed,” Zelenskyy said.

In beforehand of the sit-down, the Biden medication said it was committing up to $60 cardinal successful caller subject assistance to Ukraine. The medication said successful a notification to Congress that the assistance bundle for Ukraine was indispensable due to the fact that of a “major summation successful Russian subject enactment on its border” and due to the fact that of mortar attacks, cease-fire violations and different provocations.

Zelenskyy thanked Biden for the aid.

“The warfare successful Donbas is successful its eighth year, and we person mislaid 15,000 people,” Zelenskyy said successful a notation to the struggle with Russia-backed separatists successful Ukraine’s eastbound concern heartland.

In their backstage talks, Zelenskyy was expected to bring up Washington’s determination not to artifact the operation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would transportation Russian earthy state straight to Germany, bypassing Ukraine. The pipeline is vehemently opposed by Ukraine and Poland arsenic good arsenic some Republicans and Democrats successful Congress, with Zelenskyy describing it arsenic a almighty geopolitical limb for Russia.

Zelenskyy, a tv histrion caller to politics, took bureau successful May 2019 anxious to steadfast up his country’s narration with the United States. Instead, helium astir instantly recovered himself nether unit from Trump envoys and soon Trump himself, who successful the telephone telephone that led to his archetypal impeachment asked Zelenskyy to “do america a favor.”

In that present celebrated July 2019 call, Trump asked Zelenskyy to analyse Biden and his lad Hunter, who had served connected the committee of a Ukrainian vigor company.

Trump’s European Union envoy, Gordon Sondland, aboriginal told impeachment investigators that Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani explicitly sought a “quid pro quo” successful which an Oval Office sojourn would beryllium contingent connected Zelenskyy announcing the politically charged probe Trump wanted.

“Was determination a ‘quid pro quo?’” Sondland asked. “With respect to the requested White House telephone and White House meeting, the reply is yes.”

Besides the coveted invitation to the White House, Sondland besides said it was his knowing that Trump was holding up astir $400 cardinal successful subject assistance until Ukraine announced the investigation.

Allegations that Trump withheld congressionally approved subject assistance portion seeking Ukraine’s assistance for his reelection run formed the ground of the the archetypal impeachment lawsuit against him. Trump was acquitted by the Senate. The Oval Office gathering with Zelenskyy ne'er happened.

With Biden, Zelenskyy present has a president with a agelong past of engagement successful Ukraine, 1 who has supported its determination to interruption escaped from Russia, enactment up its young ideology and beryllium much afloat welcomed into the Western club.

As vice president, Biden was the Obama administration’s constituent idiosyncratic connected Ukraine and pushed for tougher enactment against corruption. He erstwhile boasted of his occurrence successful getting Ukraine to occurrence its apical prosecutor, who had blocked immoderate corruption investigations. Trump aboriginal twisted this by insisting, wrongly, that Biden had done truthful to support his lad and the vigor institution connected whose committee helium served.

Zelenskyy is the latest Ukrainian president to committedness to tackle systemic corruption and past conflict erstwhile successful office. On Wednesday, Biden wanted assurances that Zelenskyy remains committed to pursuing done connected assorted reforms, a elder U.S. medication authoritative said.

Zelenskyy was looking for greater economical and subject assistance. And helium has said helium wanted a wide connection from Biden connected whether helium supports eventual NATO rank for Ukraine. NATO members are wary fixed Ukraine’s simmering struggle with Russia.

The $60 cardinal information bundle volition see much Javelin anti-tank missiles, which Kyiv sees arsenic captious to defending against the Russia-backed separatists who person rolled done eastbound Ukraine. The U.S. has wide committed much than $400 cardinal successful subject assistance this year.

White House property caput Jen Psaki would not accidental Wednesday whether Biden would enactment Ukraine’s NATO aspirations. She noted that it was not a determination the U.S. could marque unsocial and said the U.S. remains supportive of Ukraine's efforts to betterment its defence assemblage and instrumentality different steps indispensable earlier it tin beryllium enactment connected a way toward NATO membership.

Biden and Zelenskyy would person “significant” discussions connected the presumption of Ukraine’s assorted reforms and what inactive needs to beryllium done, the medication authoritative said. This includes steps to support the independency of the anti-corruption agency, authorities connected quality rights and different efforts to fortify democracy. The U.S. would beryllium looking for “concrete results,” said the official, who briefed reporters earlier the gathering connected the information of anonymity.

Nord Stream 2, the pipeline being built nether the Baltic Sea, was besides connected the agenda. By allowing Russia to bypass Ukraine, it could perchance deprive Ukraine of the billions of dollars successful transit fees it present earns for pumping Russian state to Europe.

While the U.S. besides opposes the caller pipeline, disquieted that it would springiness Russia excessively overmuch powerfulness implicit European vigor supplies, Biden agreed successful July not to penalize the German institution overseeing the project.


Associated Press writers Josh Boak successful Washington and Vladimir Isachenkov successful Moscow contributed reporting.

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