Big 12 Leaders Discuss How to Keep Texas and OU: AP

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Big 12 leaders held a telephone without Texas and Oklahoma connected Thursday to sermon however to support the league's flagship schools from bolting to the Southeastern Conference -- and contingency plans to past without them.

"There was nary panic," a idiosyncratic acquainted with the gathering told The Associated Press connected information of anonymity due to the fact that the Big 12 was not making its interior discussions public. "All options are connected the table."

The Big 12 enactment retired a connection Thursday nighttime that revealed fewer details but made wide the 8 members successful information of being near down privation the Longhorns and Sooners to enactment put. And that leaving could beryllium costly for Texas and Oklahoma.

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"There is simply a designation that institutions whitethorn enactment successful their ain self-interest, however, determination is an anticipation that members adhere to Conference bylaws and the enforcement of Grant of Rights agreements," the connection said.

The Big 12's assistance of rights, which ties a school's media rights to the conference, runs done the existent tv deals with ESPN and Fox. Those expire successful June 2025.

For Oklahoma and Texas to permission the Big 12 sooner they would either relinquish tens of millions successful tv gross for each twelvemonth the assistance is successful effect oregon hold to a fiscal colony with the conference.

The idiosyncratic acquainted with Thursday's telephone said Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, diversion directors and schoolhouse presidents and chancellors discussed imaginable options for persuading Texas and Oklahoma to stay successful the Big 12 and imaginable ways to support the league going if they leave.

Texas and Oklahoma were invited to articulation the call, and the anticipation is the Big 12 volition soon perceive straight from their league mates, the idiosyncratic said.

Texas and Oklahoma person discussed a determination to the SEC with officials from the powerhouse conference, but nary ceremonial invitation has been extended nor person the schools officially informed the Big 12 they mean to leave.

Earlier Thursday, leaders from different conferences leaders were hesitant to speculate connected what's next, but immoderate observers were acrophobic astir the imaginable consequences.

"College shot is filled with radical operating successful silos and what they neglect to recognize is that if they lone look astatine and effort to physique their silo arsenic large and arsenic shiny arsenic imaginable than the entirety of the athletics is not going to beryllium arsenic beardown arsenic it needs to be," said erstwhile Colorado backmost Joel Klatt, the pb assemblage shot expert for Fox, which holds tv rights with the Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12.

"I deliberation a determination similar this would beryllium to the detriment of the athletics overall."

Former Oklahoma backmost and Heisman Trophy victor Baker Mayfield enactment it much starkly: "It would ruin the Big 12. It would beryllium done," Mayfield said during a interruption successful shooting TV commercials successful Cleveland.

The Big 12 was thought to beryllium connected beingness enactment astir a decennary agone aft losing Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M and Missouri. Managing to clasp connected to Texas and Oklahoma allowed the Big 12 to past arsenic a Power Five league aft it added TCU and West Virginia.

Back erstwhile that was playing out, conferences were reacting to 1 another. The Big Ten pushed implicit the archetypal domino erstwhile it announced successful 2009 it was going to research expansion. Eventually, it lured Nebraska distant from the Big 12.

"We often speech astir however uncomfortable this clip is," caller Nebraska AD Trev Alberts said. "It is. It's a changing environment. There's a batch of stress. Now's the clip you privation to beryllium portion of immoderate stability."

That Big Ten enlargement sparked a frenzy, with conferences and schools fending for themselves. Could a Texas/Oklahoma determination to the SEC beryllium the adjacent occurrence starter?

Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren was asked astir the quality and whether it could punctual the league to look astatine enlargement --- possibly adjacent reaching retired to the 2 Big 12 schools --- arsenic helium opened shot media days astatine Lucas Oil Stadium.

Warren stayed distant from speculating, calling the quality conscionable different illustration of the volatility sweeping done assemblage sports.

"That's the satellite that we unrecorded successful close now," helium said. "From wherever we sit, we're ever perpetually evaluating what's successful the champion involvement of the conference."

Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner Jim Phillips, who took implicit earlier this twelvemonth aft being diversion manager astatine Northwestern, took a likewise cautious approach.

"I deliberation it's critically important for each of america to ever beryllium paying attraction to what's happening successful the scenery and knowing what's happening crossed the country, whether you're a league commissioner, whether you're an diversion director, whether you're a president," helium said. "It's conscionable portion of each of our responsibility. And this is the latest possibly speech that we're proceeding about."

Former Wisconsin diversion manager Alvarez was astatine Lucas Oil Stadium due to the fact that the Big Ten announced helium would beryllium taking a caller relation astatine the conference: peculiar advisor for football. He retired earlier this year.

Alvarez, 74, is not 1 to shy distant from giving his thoughts connected a topic. But quality of realignment ramping up again caught him disconnected guard.

"It's thing you surely person your antenna up for," Alvarez said.

Missouri manager Eli Drinkwitz said helium had 1 question for the SEC if it did determine to adhd the Longhorns and their Horns Up manus motion to the conference?

"Is Horns Down going to beryllium a beryllium a 15-yard punishment successful the SEC (as it tin beryllium astatine times successful the Big 12)?" Drinkwitz said. "I asked Commissioner Sankey and helium said 'no comment."'

AP sports writers Tom Withers successful Cleveland and Aaron Beard successful Charlotte contributed to this report.

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