Big Tex Choice Awards: Judges Select Best Fair Food of 2021

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After a twelvemonth with nary State Fair of Texas, the Big Tex Choice Awards returned Sunday.

Concessionaires were anxious to get backmost to concern and submitted 43 entries for this year's awards. From there, the champion savory and saccharine dishes were whittled down to 10 Big Tex Choice Awards finalists.

A sheet of judges astatine Sunday's ceremonial made the last call, handing retired their choices for Best Taste Savory, Best Taste Sweet and Most Creative.

The Armadillo, created by concessionaire James Barrera, won for the best-tasting saccharine dish.

Described arsenic a elephantine cooky food crystal pick sandwich, Barrera said helium was blessed to beryllium backmost arsenic an grant winner.

"I won successful 2005 astatine the precise archetypal yearly Big Tex Choice Awards and I'm backmost finally. I didn't person immoderate grey hairsbreadth then," laughed Barrera. "Everybody loves an crystal pick sandwich."

Big Texas Choice Awards

One crockery took location 2 honors.

Deep-fried seafood gumbo balls won best-tasting savory and astir creative.

"To triumph 2 successful 1 day, I was not expecting it," cook Greg Parish said.

Using a household gumbo look passed down done generations, the triumph comes aft the long-time concessionaires mislaid their matriarch earlier this month.

"She blazed a way and we're conscionable pursuing successful her footsteps," Parish said. "We've been successful the awards earlier and we've travel close, but to travel to this constituent and bash it this way, it is truthful awesome."

Fairgoers tin effort each the finalists erstwhile the State Fair of Texas kicks disconnected connected Sept. 24.

The State Fair of Texas opens successful 30 days, and the squad is moving to guarantee a harmless situation for fairgoers this year.

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