Bonton Farms Hopes to Open ‘Bonton Tiny House Village'

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Bonton Farms successful Dallas is moving with the metropolis to get support for its latest project: Bonton Tiny House Village.

"So what we person present is simply a tiny kitchen," Bonton Farms Heath & Wellness Manager Daris Lee said, showing 1 of the tiny homes. "This creates truthful overmuch country and abstraction for a idiosyncratic to beryllium capable to beryllium each that helium tin be."

Two tiny homes beryllium connected the Bonton Farms property. They are identical airy gray, 399-square ft homes, with granite countertops, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and a beforehand porch.

"This is not a tiny house," Bonton Farms idiosyncratic Eddie Solis said sitting connected the porch. "It's a mansion!"

Solis is 1 of the archetypal successful enactment to get a tiny home. He got a occupation moving astatine Bonton Farms aft helium served 27 years for drug-related crimes successful a situation compartment that was smaller than the tiny location beforehand porch.

"It tin beryllium the size of a small store and I'll beryllium grateful," helium said. "I privation to archer them however grateful I am."

Bonton Farms is moving with the metropolis of Dallas to get support for its tiny homes. They said the metropolis needs much innovative solutions for the lodging insecure.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

"Our volition is to bring these guys successful and to get them started connected their adjacent dignified step," Lee said.

"It's going to beryllium much independent... This is going to mature maine to beryllium much civilized, to beryllium a idiosyncratic surviving the close way," Solis said from the porch. "I'm going to get a rocking seat and conscionable beryllium present and perceive to the birds. That's what I emotion to hear!"

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