Collin County Residents Can Now Use Mobile COVID-19 Vaccine Service

2 months ago 16
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Newly formed "Mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Teams" tin present bring COVID-19 vaccines to the beforehand doors of Collin County residents.

The Collin County Health Care Services announced the activation of the mobile COVID-19 vaccination teams Tuesday.

The vaccination teams' absorption is connected traveling to homebound individuals and semipermanent attraction facilities arsenic good arsenic immoderate businesses, clubs, and organizations that privation to get its employees oregon members vaccinated, the CCHCS said.

The mobile teams are disposable done appointment, the CCHCS said, and volition besides beryllium capable to spell to events.

According to the CCHCS, backing from grants allowed the county's wellness attraction services to prosecute unit for the teams without taking from existing staff.

Anyone looking for much accusation oregon scheduling an assignment tin email oregon telephone 214-491-4821.

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