Cook Children's Doctor Shares ‘What We're Seeing Right Now'

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Dr. Diane Arnaout, a pediatrician astatine Cook Children's Forest Park session successful Fort Worth, published an effort Thursday sharing what doctors are seeing wrong country children's hospitals arsenic the 4th question of the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Arnaout avoided the much-publicized request of adding unit via question nurses, and alternatively focused connected the fig of radical seeking aesculapian assistance astatine country hospitals and urgent attraction centers. In conversations with her peers, Arnaout confirmed what has been reported successful caller days and weeks -- that determination is an influx of patients astatine country hospitals, including pediatric hospitals, that is untenable but that tin beryllium mitigated.

On Tuesday, Arnaout's leader said that owed to a grounds fig of patients they were making changes astatine country Urgent Care Centers related to hours and online check-ins. Arnaout talked to Dr. Kara Starnes, aesculapian manager for the company's urgent attraction centers, who said they had been seeing much patients each time than they did successful a week during the pandemic past summer.

"This is indicative of the interaction that the delta variant of SARS-CoV2 is having connected our children. We are doing our precise champion successful the UCCs to fulfill the committedness of Cook Children’s to each diligent that enters our doors, but determination are much patients than we tin grip and our unit is exhausted," Starnes told Arnaout.

The infirmary said successful a connection Tuesday that diligent measurement astatine urgent attraction centers was surging, with much than 900 patients seen connected Sunday and different 1,000 patients recorded connected Monday. The mean fig of patients usually seen astatine the urgent attraction locations was astir 600.

Arnaout said she besides spoke with Dr. Corwin Warmink, manager of the exigency section astatine the main infirmary successful downtown Fort Worth, who said they saw 587 patients successful the ER connected Monday -- oregon 24 hours consecutive of a caller diligent each 2.5 minutes.

It's not conscionable COVID-19 that is driving parents to bring their children to the hospital. Arnaout said, "capacity has been stretched bladed the past fewer weeks with RSV, COVID-19 arsenic good arsenic different illnesses and injuries."

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If your kid has been exposed to COVID-19 but is asymptomatic, Arnaout shared immoderate applicable proposal for parents.

"If your kid is exposed to COVID, but is feeling good – determination is nary request to panic. I wouldn’t tally to the urgent attraction oregon ER," Arnaout wrote. "I’d look into mounting up an assignment with your pediatrician, either in-person oregon virtually, and scheduling a trial 3-5 days aft the exposure. You tin besides see at-home testing."

If your kid is COVID-19 positive, but is drinking well, urinating and breathing normally, and has not had a fever for much than 5 days and seems to beryllium feeling OK, Arnaout said to ticker them intimately and notify your pediatrician of immoderate changes.

Arnaout past reiterated the connection that truthful galore wellness officials, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, person shared for much than a twelvemonth -- wearing a disguise helps forestall the dispersed of the microorganism and is recommended for everyone who is unvaccinated.

"Masking your kid protects others – absolutely. But it besides protects your child. I highly urge sending your kiddos to schoolhouse successful a mask," Arnaout said.

Arnaout's connection was published connected Checkup Newsroom, Cook Children's Health Care System's nationalist tract for sharing quality concerning the wellness and wellbeing of children. To work the doctor's effort and spot different recommended, tiny changes that tin beryllium made to support children safe, click here.

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