Cook Children's Says It Needs the Public's Help Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

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Staffing shortages owed to sickness and burnout on with the request for services is putting a monolithic strain connected the Cook Children's Health Care System and its staff.

"They're conscionable truly really tired, and we are struggling with however to negociate the patients with the unit that we have," said Dr. Kara Starnes, aesculapian manager of Cook Children's Urgent Care.

Cook Children's says it was forced to adjacent the urgent attraction successful Hurst owed to deficiency of staff.

"We don't typically adjacent our facilities and this determination should dependable an alarm oregon it should beryllium similar a canary successful the ember excavation truthful to talk for what whitethorn beryllium to travel if we don't instrumentality measures arsenic a assemblage to dilatory down the dispersed of COVID-19," said Cook Children's Chief Diversity Officer Winifred King.

Cook Children's urgent cares are seeing treble the diligent load owed to radical bringing successful kids for mild symptoms and accelerated COVID-19 tests. The exigency section is besides feeling the unit not conscionable from COVID-19 patients.

"Everything successful my grooming and vocation was to not freak out, but I'm freaking out," said Dr. Corwin Warmink, the aesculapian manager of the Cook Children's Emergency Services.

On Monday, the ER saw 600 patients travel through, an all-time precocious and treble the mean fig of patients. Half of those patients were for COVID-19 concerns.

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"We truly are emploring radical to usage america arsenic the past edifice for erstwhile your kid is severely ill, not to get a COVID trial oregon not to say, 'Hey, I was exposed,'" said Warmink.

Doctors accidental if your kid is having problems breathing, not eating, drinking well, acting otherwise oregon if you person a sick babe past spell to the urgent attraction and ER, each different issues should spell done your superior attraction physician.

Cook Children's says portion 60 patients are presently hospitalized for COVID-19, they're besides dealing with respiratory syncytial microorganism oregon RSV. Between August 22 and 28 they saw 204 affirmative COVID-19 cases, 125 of those patients were admitted.

With schoolhouse successful league and Labor Day play coming, they're asking everyone to disguise up and get vaccinated.

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