Country Star Morgan Wallen Addresses His Use of Racial Slur

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In his archetypal interrogation successful six months, disgraced state prima Morgan Wallen said it was ignorant of him to usage a radical slur.

During an interrogation with Michael Strahan connected ABC's “Good Morning America" connected Friday, Wallen said helium didn't usage it successful a derogatory manner, but it was inactive wrong.

Wallen was already 1 of the genre’s biggest stars, with crossover hits similar “Whiskey Glasses,” erstwhile the video was posted connected TMZ successful February. Wallen antecedently apologized for utilizing the slur and vigor stations and streaming services temporarily dropped him from playlists, but his medium income surged.

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He was disqualified from the Academy of Country Music Awards, but remains eligible for respective awards astatine the upcoming Country Music Association Awards. He has since returned to Billboard's state airplay illustration with his archetypal azygous since the incidental and his album, “Dangerous: The Double Album," remains the astir fashionable medium released this twelvemonth crossed each genres.

Wallen told Strahan that helium had been drinking each play starring up to the nighttime successful February.

“I was astir immoderate of my friends, and we accidental dumb worldly together,” said Wallen. “In our minds, it’s playful. That’s sounds ignorant but that’s truly wherever it came from. And it’s wrong.”

He denied utilizing the word often and said helium lone utilized it astir a definite radical of friends.

After Strahan explained immoderate of the humanities discourse down the term, Strahan asked Wallen straight whether helium understood wherefore it makes Black radical truthful upset.

“I don’t cognize however to enactment myself successful their shoes due to the fact that I’m not, you know, but I bash understand," Wallen said. “Especially erstwhile I accidental that I’m utilizing it playfully, oregon whatever, ignorantly, I recognize that indispensable dependable similar ‘He doesn’t understand.’"

Wallen said since the incidental helium took clip disconnected and went to rehab. When medium income spiked pursuing the industry’s condemnation of him, helium decided to donate astir $500,000 to organizations including Black Music Action Coalition.

Country euphony has been grappling with addressing diverseness successful a genre that has agelong been dominated by achromatic antheral artists, but Wallen's actions person brought the contented to the forefront. This year, different apical state prima Luke Combs apologized for his past usage of the Confederate flag.

When asked if state euphony wide had a occupation with race, Wallen responded, “It would look that way, yeah. I haven’t truly sat and thought astir that.”

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