CrossFit Athlete Heads to World Competition, Despite the Odds

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Intense contention among athletes isn't conscionable happening successful Tokyo this week.

Some of the world's fittest athletes are going caput to caput successful the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games successful Madison, Wisconsin.

Among them, a North Texas pistillate who has already defied the odds.

At 45-years-old Rebecca Shingledecker mightiness beryllium 1 of the fittest grandmothers successful North Texas.

Hard to judge conscionable 3 years ago, Shingledecker was successful a Fort Worth rehab installation relearning however to walk.

"It was unbelievable to maine that I could spell from this," said Shingledecker of her days of marathon running, "to this," referencing her constricted question utilizing a walker.

Doctors discovered a play ball-sized encephalon tumor successful the centrifugal power halfway of her encephalon aft she had suffered 4 seizure-like headaches days apart.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

The country to region the tumor, conscionable 16 days aft her archetypal diagnosis, would travel with risks similar nonaccomplishment of code and centrifugal control, paralysis, adjacent death.

"I was gladsome to person an answer. I was besides determined to combat this, truthful I was a small naïve astir what was astir to happen," said Shingledecker.

The country went arsenic good arsenic expected but past impermanent paralysis acceptable in, complicating what was already going to beryllium a hard roadworthy to recovery.

"From a cognitive perspective, she was reasoning truly slow. She had immoderate word-finding difficulties," said Fort Worth Day Neuro Center Manager Tiffanie Morgan, with Baylor Scott & White.

However, Morgan believes her patient's undeterred cognition made each the difference.

"She maintained that cognition of "I'm going to get backmost to what I emotion to bash and she was capable to bash that," said Morgan.

The roadworthy to betterment didn't get easier.

Shingledecker rapidly regained her spot astatine the gym portion attending outpatient rehab, but six months later, she suffered different encephalon wounded successful a car accident.

Six months aft that, a 3rd caput wounded astatine the gym.

The tattoo connected her limb illustrates however she made her miraculous comeback.

"It says, 'take the sourest citrus beingness has to connection and crook it into thing resembling lemonade.' It conscionable means to maine that beingness tin propulsion you immoderate atrocious experiences and you don't person power implicit that but what you bash person power implicit is what you bash with it," said Shingledecker.

She is competing arsenic a neuromuscular jock successful the recently formed adaptive part of the games, a part designed for athletes who've flooded aesculapian challenges oregon disabilities.

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