Dallas-Based Texas Baptist Men Mobilize for Hurricane Ida Recovery in Louisiana

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The Dallas-based nonprofit Texas Baptist Men is among the North Texas-based organizations mobilizing to assistance radical affected by Hurricane Ida.

Volunteers gathered Monday greeting astatine the alleviation group's Dallas warehouse with nary circumstantial destination planned. That would beryllium decided erstwhile daylight revealed which areas of Louisiana needed the astir help, said spokesperson John Hall.

For the past 53 years, the enactment has responded to large disasters successful Texas and different states. Plans were successful spot connected Saturday to nonstop astatine slightest 75 radical toward confederate Louisiana connected Monday morning.

"As the prima rises, assessors volition beryllium connected the ground, looking astatine cities, looking astatine needs, and we volition beryllium guiding these volunteers portion they're en route," Hall said.

Among the arsenal of supplies is simply a mobile room susceptible of feeding ample numbers of radical -- 30,000 radical a day, Hall said. Other supplies included shower, laundry, and energy units.

"We've got a afloat time up of america and a afloat galore weeks up of serving," Hall said.

Ida weakened to a tropical tempest Monday arsenic it moved northeast, leaving each of New Orleans without powerfulness and coastal Louisiana communities inundated with floodwaters. NBC 5's Meredith Yeomans reported from Baton Rouge, wherever powerfulness was connected but cellphone awesome was nonexistent.

NBC 5’s Meredith Yeomans reports from Baton Rouge, LA, Monday greeting arsenic the authorities wakes up to wide harm from Hurricane Ida

"You don't recognize what has happened until the prima has travel up, you tin spot your house, you tin spot your neighbors. These are immoderate of the astir hard days of peoples' lives."

Financial donations spell a agelong mode successful helping present supplies and volunteers to the communities successful astir need, Hall said. Donations tin beryllium made online.

The American Red Cross is accepting donations. Here's much connected however to help.

Hurricane Ida Recovery

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