Dallas County Reports Eighth Human Case of West Nile in 2021

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Dallas County Health and Human Services reported Thursday the eighth quality lawsuit of West Nile microorganism this twelvemonth successful Dallas County is simply a nonmigratory of the 75062 ZIP Code successful Irving.

"West Nile Virus cases are connected the emergence successful Dallas County, and it's unfortunate to beryllium reporting an further case," said Dr. Philip Huang, DCHHS Director.

DCHHS reported the county's archetypal decease this twelvemonth successful a nonmigratory who contracted West Nile microorganism connected Aug. 9.

The archetypal and 2nd reported quality cases of West Nile successful the county came connected July 16 and Aug. 6, respectively.

In 2020, Dallas County reported 5 deaths from West Nile, including a important summation in a important summation successful WNV illness prevalence with 20 quality cases and 498 affirmative mosquito tests.

No different accusation astir the eighth quality lawsuit was released for aesculapian confidentiality and idiosyncratic privateness reasons, the DCHHS said.

"It is hard to ideate that these illnesses tin effect from thing arsenic seemingly insignificant arsenic a mosquito bite. Please travel the 4 D's to bash everything you tin to debar mosquito bites," said Huang.

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