Dallas Officer Shoots at Armed Man After Standoff Outside DART Facility

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A Dallas constabulary serviceman opened occurrence connected an equipped antheral who charged astatine constabulary during a standoff astatine a Dallas Area Rapid Transit installation precocious Tuesday, authorities say.

It happened conscionable aft 10 p.m. erstwhile Dallas constabulary received a telephone from DART constabulary astir a suspicious idiosyncratic successful the 1200 artifact of East Jefferson Boulevard, which is simply a DART attraction facility. The antheral was wrong the parking batch spraying what was believed to beryllium lighter fluid astir employees' vehicles, Senior Cpl. Tramese Jones, a constabulary spokeswoman, said successful a connection to NBC 5.

At 1 constituent the antheral broke into a vehicle, which officers learned had a weapon wrong it, Jones said. That prompted a effect from a SWAT squad and Dallas' Air 1 constabulary helicopter.

The man, who wasn't responding to constabulary commands to surrender, yet recovered the weapon wrong the car. A abbreviated clip aboriginal helium got retired of the conveyance and ran toward the constabulary perimeter, ignoring orders to driblet the gun, constabulary said.

One serviceman opened occurrence connected the antheral and missed, the constabulary spokesperson said. The antheral was taken into custody and sent to a infirmary for evaluation.

No 1 was hurt.

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