Dallas Wings' Allisha Gray Excited for Tokyo Olympics 3×3 Semifinals

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Allisha Gray, shooting defender for the Dallas Wings, has excelled successful the Olympic debut of 3x3 basketball.

For her, the faster-paced crippled of play has been what makes the crippled truthful breathtaking to the players and the viewers.

“All the teams are carnal and aggressive,” Gray said. “I deliberation I person been well. Been playing free. Just having fun. 3x3 is simply a amusive crippled and you conscionable play hoops truthful wide I deliberation I person been playing great.”

Gray and her teammates, Stefanie Dolson (Chicago Sky), Kelsey Plum (Las Vegas Aces) and Jackie Young (Las Vegas Aces) person been awesome passim the Olympics. The squad posting a 5-1 grounds going into Wednesday’s semifinal crippled against France.

“Our past mates games person been precise competitory to play against earlier heading into the semifinals,” Gray said.

Gray’s antiaircraft play has helped her squad successful the tournament.

“My extremity is to not beryllium retired hustled. I privation to out-hustle everybody. Me being assertive and utilizing my athleticism allows maine to drawback those rebounds and spell hard due to the fact that astatine the extremity of the time I privation to win. I don’t privation to permission the crippled reasoning if I would person went for this rebound, if I would person did this oregon that. The biggest happening is to out-hustle everybody,” Gray said.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

3x3 is played connected fractional a hoops tribunal with a fewer antithetic rules from accepted basketball. One of those rules, nary coaches are allowed connected the floor.

“The biggest happening is for her [Kara Lawson] to springiness america the crippled program and past we spell retired determination and execute it. We conscionable gotta play harder and privation it much than the hostile during the game. We can’t look astatine her and she can’t speech to us. The biggest happening is america 4 coming unneurotic and executing our crippled plan.”

Just similar immoderate Olympian, determination is 1 happening connected her mind.

“Gold is the fig 1 priority. That’s what we came retired present to bash is triumph a golden medal. Overall, I person enjoyed my full experience. Even though it’s been antithetic [because of COVID]. Just the ambiance and being astir everybody, conscionable the enactment has been amazing,” Gray said.

The women’s 3x3 semifinal crippled astatine the Tokyo Olympics is acceptable for Wednesday, July 28, 5:00pm Japan Standard Time.

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