Death in Kabul: Here Are the Service Members Who Died in the Airport Suicide Bomb

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Thirteen American work members screening Afghans hopeless to alert retired of the state died Thursday successful a termination bombing astatine the Kabul airdrome successful Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden called the subject members heroes who represented the champion of America arsenic they worked selflessly to assistance others flight the Taliban authorities that has retaken the country.

They were portion of the bravest, astir capable, astir selfless subject connected the look of the Earth," Biden said. "And they were portion of simply what I telephone the backbone of America. They're the spine of America, the champion the state has to offer."

The blast took spot astatine the Abbey Gate arsenic would-be evacuees were searched, leaving scores dormant and injured. An Afghan offshoot of the Islamic State took responsibility.

Biden vowed retribution, saying, "We volition hunt you down."

Here are the subject members who died. Eleven were U.S. Marines, according to Maj. Jim Stenger, a Marine Corps spokesperson.

Maxton Soviak

Maxton Soviak.


Maxton Soviak.

Maxton Soviak was a U.S. Navy corpsman from bluish Ohio, who was going to marque the Navy his career, his household said.

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"Max was a fantastic lad who loved his family, his community, and was arrogant to service successful the U.S. Navy," his household said successful a statement. "He was excited astir the opportunities the Navy would connection him and planned to marque the Navy
a career. We are incredibly arrogant of his work to our country."

"As we mourn the nonaccomplishment of our son, we besides mourn for the nonaccomplishment of the Marines and worker who were killed and commune for the speedy betterment of each of those wounded successful Afghanistan," the connection read. "Words cannot explicit however heartbroken we are with this quality and we volition miss Max tremendously."

The household thanked those who had offered enactment and prayers.

WOIO, Cleveland 19 News, reported that the Berlin Heights autochthonal was a 2017 postgraduate of Edison High School successful Milan, Ohio. The Edison schools superintendent, Thomas Roth, remembered Soviak arsenic a bully pupil who was well-liked and progressive successful sports.

“Max was afloat of beingness successful everything helium did,” Roth told WOIO.

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