DPD to Target Aggressive Driving, Impaired Drivers Over Labor Day Weekend

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The Dallas Police Department has announced that officers volition support an accrued beingness connected the section roadways implicit Labor Day play successful an effort to combat roadworthy rage, assertive driving, and driving nether the influence.

According to police, departments crossed the federation person seen an summation successful roadworthy rage and assertive driving incidents. In 2021, 512 incidents of roadworthy rage person been reported successful the City of Dallas, constabulary said.

Police said targeted enforcement efforts volition beryllium made connected those who are speeding, driving aggressively, and suspected of driving nether the influence.

According to the Dallas Police Department, officers volition behaviour a No-Refusal DWI Initiative from 6 p.m. connected Friday, Sept. 3, done midnight connected Monday, Sept. 6. Officers volition get a hunt warrant for a humor illustration from anyone arrested for DWI who refuses to voluntarily springiness a enactment oregon humor sample, constabulary said.

Police said the inaugural is successful concern with the Texas Department of Transportation, and portion of the "Drive Sober. No Regrets." statewide impaired driving campaign.

Approximately 1 3rd of each postulation fatalities impact a drunk driver, constabulary said. Over the Labor Day vacation successful 2019, among drivers aged 18 to 34, 46% of those who were killed had a BAC of .08 oregon higher.

Police said during the Labor Day vacation the aforesaid year, 38% of each fatalities progressive a drunk driver.


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According to police, Dallas citizens should designate a sober operator earlier they commencement drinking oregon telephone a ride-share oregon taxi to get location safely. The section said motorists should telephone 911 if they spot assertive oregon suspected drunk drivers, and it encourages motorists to dilatory down, thrust sober, and obey each postulation laws.

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