Dream Con Moves to Esports Stadium in Arlington

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Friday greeting the enactment formed extracurricular the Esports Stadium successful Arlington. Some of the masks were required for COVID-19 protocols -- different masks were optional.

"It doesn't substance if you're successful a costume," Richard White said showing disconnected his costume. "If you're a fan, you're a fan, you know? We're each present to bask ourselves."

Dream Con is simply a mash-up of cosplay, gaming and anime fans.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

"Anime, video games, a batch of radical don't similar to accidental they similar it truthful overmuch due to the fact that a batch of radical marque amusive of radical for liking those benignant of thing," Dream Con president and RDCWorld1 laminitis Mark Phillips said. "Here astatine Dream Con, you ain't gonna get made amusive of. You're gonna beryllium truly accepted and you're gonna person a batch of fun."

The soldout lawsuit had 3,000 fans astatine Esports Stadium. Others could instrumentality portion online.

"I deliberation the satellite needs thing similar this," Dream Con Event Director Jonathan Newton said. "Hopefully adjacent twelvemonth we'll beryllium backmost to mean and we tin conscionable person it afloat open, but adjacent this tiny magnitude is bigger than we've ever had before. We ne'er expected this."

Newton and Phillips person built an online following, truthful overmuch so, the lawsuit that utilized to beryllium held successful Waco moved to the bigger venue successful Arlington. The conception started with a imagination erstwhile Phillips was a pupil astatine the University of North Texas.

"There's a batch of antithetic dreams retired there. You tin marque it being a scientist. You tin marque it being the president," Phillips said. "We conscionable privation everyone to imagination astatine Dream Con.

Dream Con runs done Saturday.

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