Drew Barrymore opens up about her sobriety and why alcohol 'did not serve' her

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(CNN)Drew Barrymore has seldom hid from discussions of her puerility addictions and travel to sobriety. But earlier this week, the histrion and speech amusement big shared thing caller -- she's fixed up alcohol.

"I'm gonna accidental thing for the archetypal clip successful a agelong clip -- I person not had a portion of intoxicant successful two-and-a-half years," she told the hosts of "CBS This Morning." "It was thing that I realized conscionable did not service maine and my life."

Barrymore said she hadn't wide shared that she'd stopped drinking due to the fact that "it was this quiet, assured journey" that she wanted to support private.

    "Now it's been agelong capable wherever I'm successful a manner that I cognize is truly moving connected a precocious roadworthy for my small journey, and there's truthful overmuch bid yet being had wherever determination were demons," she said.

      Drew Barrymore talks astir  her acquisition   successful  a 'psychiatric ward' astatine  13

      Barrymore was appearing connected the programme due to the fact that of different interrogation she'd conducted connected her self-titled speech show. One of her guests, Machine Gun Kelly, admitted onstage to Barrymore that he'd been struggling with his intelligence health.

      Instead of reverting to the questions she'd planned, Barrymore listened and discussed her ain intelligence wellness challenges portion Kelly (whose existent sanction is Colson Baker) gave her a manicure. She shared that she visited a installation successful Utah to "change her life" aft her divorcement (she divided from Will Kopelman successful 2016).

      "We had a precise antithetic amusement planned with him," she said connected "CBS This Morning." "I conscionable pivoted and went, 'you're successful the close place. Let's interruption this down.'"

      Drew Barrymore kept this 'E.T.' prop

      The actress, who changeable to fame arsenic a 6-year-old successful "E.T." and has appeared successful much than 50 movies, said that by sharing her intimate journey, "I respire a suspiration of relief."

      "We're not doing this for nationalist attraction ... I would similar to determination guardant successful a much honorable manner that is much conducive to my intelligence peace," she told co-host Gayle King.

      Barrymore's opened up earlier astir her struggles with substance use, adjacent penning a memoir arsenic a teen to recount her experiences. As a kid actor, she became addicted to cocaine, which she said got her blacklisted successful Hollywood at the property of 12.

        She was placed successful rehab and intelligence institutions, but aft a termination effort astatine 14 and immoderate much rehabilitation, she sought -- and was granted -- legal emancipation from her mother.

        "Maybe radical think, like, I figured retired truthful galore problems erstwhile I was young, due to the fact that it was truthful hard then," she said connected CBS. "We proceed to face things with each decennary of our beingness that astir surpasses what we thought we had seen. I'm funny successful that speech -- we don't hole it, determination connected and it ne'er breaks again. We are connected that roller coaster."

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