Drive-Thrus Prove to be Lifeline for Businesses During Pandemic

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National Drive-Thru Day precocious recognized the convenience present going stronger, and much important than ever.

There was a constituent during the pandemic erstwhile we saw drive-thrus and curbside pick-up virtually go a lifeline, a redeeming grace for tiny businesses crossed the country. Many restaurants, bars, and java shops would not person survived without them.  

North Dallas concern proprietor Brittany Willis was the precise past PJ’s Coffee franchisee to motion connected virtually days earlier COVID-19 began shutting everything down successful 2020.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Despite that, she says she was profitable by period 3 of opening the New Orleans-based java shop. Willis credits her drive-thru work for making that happen.

“So I’m conscionable truthful thankful to the Dallas area, the Addison, Farmers Branch country successful particular, for supporting me, for being loyal to us, for patronizing us, and again I recognition it to my drive-thru, you know, adjacent erstwhile different options were few,” said Willis. “Convenience is conscionable specified a trend. You spot it with Uber, you spot with Instacart, and a drive-thru is simply a portion of that.”    

Brittany is besides the proprietor of Eight28 Enterprises, which provides tiny concern consulting. 

Her household relocated to Dallas from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina erstwhile she was conscionable 17-years-old.

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