Effort to Build Alternative Baseball League in North Texas

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Baseball is America's pastime, but accepted leagues aren't for everyone.

"I mean, we telephone it 'America's pastime' due to the fact that if it's America's pastime, everybody should beryllium capable to bask it," Alternative Baseball Organization Commissioner/Director Taylor Duncan said. "There's truthful galore stigmas of what 1 with autism tin and cannot accomplish, and we're present to bust each past 1 of those stigmas!"

Duncan, who is autistic, started the Alternative Baseball Organization successful Georgia. He is trying to physique connected it successful North Texas, wherever a squad precocious formed successful the Collin County metropolis of Anna.

"I conscionable similar to play baseball, and making friends," Deric Johnson said. 21-year-old Johnson is autistic. He is 1 of the players connected Anna's caller team.

"There's times wherever I've cried for joy... conscionable to spot him travel to maine and beryllium like, 'Is it shot time?'," Johnson's mother, Jamie Johnson Moody said.

Johnson Moody coaches her son's team. For her players, shot is astir much than hits, runs, and errors.

"They're talking astir baseball. They're talking astir NASCAR," Johnson Moody said. "They're capable to support a speech going."


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Alternative Baseball is unfastened to anyone 15 and older with developmental delays.

"We propulsion them past their perceived boundaries," Duncan said. "A batch of them look backmost and go, 'Wow, I tin truly bash this!'."

The Alternative Baseball Organization is hoping to enlistee players, coaches, and managers successful different North Texas cities, truthful the Anna squad doesn't person to question truthful acold to play games. You tin find more accusation here.

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