Ellis County Cities Feel North Texas Boom

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North Texas has mostly grown to the northbound of Dallas and Fort Worth for years. But Ellis County to the southbound is feeling the roar with tremendous maturation successful Waxahachie and Midlothian, arsenic those cities enactment to sphere their small-town charm.

The Waxahachie downtown quadrate features the historical Ellis County Courthouse with shops and restaurants that pull visitors.

New homes are going up each astir Waxahachie adding to the fig of customers.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Smaller towns became adjacent much fashionable during the COVID-19 pandemic arsenic radical sought much elbow room.

Ellis County Development Director Alberto Mares said his region saw that trend.

“Last twelvemonth for illustration due to the fact that of COVID we were expecting a alteration successful licence numbers but really the other happened,” Mares said.

Dallas developer Jim Lake and his woman Amanda Moreno Lake are Waxahachie investors. They renovated the historical Rogers Hotel and different properties successful Waxahachie.

“They've made immense efforts to support the quality of the tiny town,” Lake said.

Dallas Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones is simply a spouse successful the past ample vacant tract astatine the Waxahachie interchange of I-35E and Highway 287.

Lake said helium expects the Ellis County maturation to proceed arsenic much residents and investors spot the favorable road links and proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth.

“I deliberation you're going to spot much and much radical are going to admit the opportunity,” Lake said.

Rooftops are surging up Highway 287 successful Midlothian. Mayor Richard Reno said Midlothian colonisation doubles each 10 years and his metropolis is moving to support a charming downtown.

“We privation to sphere the essence and the uniqueness of our city. We deliberation we're different,” Reno said.

A downtown maestro program approved 2 years agone calls for a mixed-use improvement that keeps historical commercialized buildings successful place.

Reno said the metropolis precocious selected a developer for negotiations connected the redevelopment task that includes onshore and buildings the metropolis purchased for the project.

A caller metropolis hallway and nationalist information buildings are included to service a metropolis of astir 80,000 that Midlothian whitethorn 1 time become.

“So we're gathering for the aboriginal now, but we're going to clasp connected to our values that we person present successful Ellis County and Midlothian,” Reno said.

West of Midlothian connected Highway 287, the monolithic Prairie Ridge improvement is projected to see 4,600 Ellis County homes successful the future. It is successful the Midlothian Independent School District boundaries, but volition beryllium served with utilities by the City of Grand Prairie.

Mares said determination is simply a situation from truthful overmuch growth.

“Everybody wants to determination to the tiny town. They similar it for the charm. They similar it for the schools. They privation to person their kids successful the champion schoolhouse district. That’s 1 of the reasons wherefore they move. But, astatine a definite constituent you commencement to suffer immoderate of that charm,” helium said.

Highway 77 connected the northbound broadside of Waxahachie perceive Highway 287 is conscionable arsenic jammed arsenic galore different North Texas commercialized authorities roads.

But I-35E successful Waxahachie is getting a implicit overhaul and immoderate connecting roads are owed for improvements from the State of Texas.

“We’re benignant of astatine their mercy arsenic to erstwhile they’re going to grow it,” Mares said.

Other road links supply entree to these Ellis Count cities from the remainder of the DFW country and those roads are getting tested arsenic much radical determination south.

Mares said the Ellis County colonisation is presently believed to beryllium 209,920. It is forecast to apical 500,000 by the twelvemonth 2050.

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