Elvis Costello says he will no longer perform 'Oliver's Army,' which contains a racial slur

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(CNN)Elvis Costello, stone euphony journeyman, is heading backmost connected circuit this summertime aft Covid-19 halted his shows. But 1 opus volition beryllium notably missing from his setlist.

Costello volition nary longer execute the opus "Oliver's Army," a 1979 deed successful the UK that contains the N-word, and has implored vigor stations to halt playing it, too, successful an interrogation with the Telegraph.

"Only takes 1 itchy trigger; One much widow, 1 little achromatic [N-word]," Costello sings successful the governmental anthem, inspired by the Troubles successful Northern Ireland and his encounters with young soldiers progressive successful the conflict.

    "If I wrote that opus today, possibly I'd deliberation doubly astir it," helium told the Telegraph. "That's what my gramps was called successful the British service -- it's historically a information -- but radical perceive that connection spell disconnected similar a doorbell and impeach maine of thing that I didn't intend."

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      The opus was agelong played uncensored connected UK airwaves until 2013, erstwhile a BBC presumption bleeped the slur to the dismay of immoderate listeners, who argued that its omission diluted the song's anti-war message.

      Costello agreed that bleeping the connection is "making it worse," helium told the Telegraph, "because [radio stations] are highlighting it then."

      The instrumentalist said he'd written a caller verse for the opus -- 1 that focused connected censorship -- for a erstwhile circuit but decided to discontinue the opus moving forward, and that vigor stations should bash the same.

        "Just don't play the record!" helium said.

        Costello joins a increasing radical of musicians who've retired songs with violative material. The Rolling Stones phased retired "Brown Sugar," which opens with a enslaved communicative and sexualizes young Black women, from their lineup past year, though Keith Richards said he hoped the set could bring backmost a mentation of the opus successful the future. The Hayley Williams-helmed stone radical Paramore also retired arguably its astir celebrated song, "Misery Business," partially due to the fact that it contains lyrics that notation to different pistillate arsenic a "whore."

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