Experts Say Car Seat Add-on Intended to Prevent Slumping Can Be ‘Dangerous'

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Parents often spot their children slumped implicit sleeping successful their car seats and wonderment if that could perchance beryllium comfy — oregon safe. That’s wherefore immoderate mightiness crook to products, often referred to arsenic car spot caput enactment headbands oregon straps, to assistance their children snooze upright. But experts pass that these car spot add-ons tin beryllium dangerous.

“You should decidedly not usage products similar these. They are decidedly not harmless for babies and children to usage successful car seats,” Erin Baughn, an wounded prevention specializer with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital successful Grand Rapids, Michigan, told TODAY Parents. “It looks uncomfortable to america ... to person our child’s caput flopping guardant successful their car spot if they autumn asleep. However, they are wholly harmless to person their caput flopping guardant arsenic agelong arsenic they are aged capable to person that caput control.”

While parents mightiness bargain other products for car seats due to the fact that they deliberation they’re helping their children, experts hold that utilizing car seats arsenic instructed offers the astir protection.

“Anything that does not travel with the car spot from the car spot manufacturers should not beryllium used,” Courtney Gleaton, wounded prevention coordinator astatine Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, told TODAY. “Car seats are going to person precise circumstantial instructions and warnings astir what types of items you tin usage with their seats and which ones you cannot.”

Many parents interest that their children’s awkward positioning mightiness origin them to consciousness uncomfortable oregon adjacent suffocate via what’s known as positional asphyxiation. This tin hap erstwhile babies remainder successful specified a mode that they’re not capable to respire freely. While that tin hap to infants, it does not hap successful children with capable caput and cervix strength.

“As acold arsenic our older kid that conscionable falls dormant successful the car and looks uncomfortable to america arsenic parents, they are wholly fine,” Baughn said. “We don’t person to interest astir that positional asphyxiation erstwhile the car spot is installed correctly successful the car.”

Newborns bash not person the cervix spot to clasp their heads up to forestall suffocation. That’s wherefore newborn car seats look the mode they do. These seats, which are rear facing, cradle and enactment babies’ heads.

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“It’s truthful important to marque definite that the car spot is installed correctly and rear facing for those babies that don’t person that caput control,” Baughn said. “Rear facing car seats enactment phenomenally well.”

Experts hold that older children’s heads should beryllium escaped successful their car seats, particularly successful lawsuit of an accident. Holding backmost their heads tin origin devastating injuries.

“If you restrain your child’s caput ... the car spot is nary longer going to execute the mode that the car spot manufacturers person designed it,” Baughn said. “Potentially, that child’s cervix could really abstracted from their spinal cord. We telephone that interior decapitation.”

What’s more, car spot caput enactment straps could obstruct their airways.

“That small headband could descent down and possibly beryllium a choking hazard, oregon it could screen their rima and chemoreceptor ... which tin origin suffocation,” Gleaton explained. “Any of those things could beryllium unsafe for a kid successful an accident.”

But experts recognize wherefore galore parents bargain specified products. They judge they’re helping their children.

“They are truly conscionable reasoning they’re doing the close thing,” Gleaton said. “Like, ‘Well, their cervix looks similar it hurts, possibly I should enactment this headband connected it truthful it doesn’t spell forward.’”

Knowing however to instal car seats oregon what to usage with them tin consciousness overwhelming. But parents tin spell to Safe Kids to find a adjacent kid rider information technician. Often these experts connection car spot installation oregon car spot checks astatine occurrence departments oregon different assemblage spaces on with idiosyncratic help. If parents person questions astir their car seats, they tin work the manual oregon interaction the institution to larn more.

Above all, experts hold that decently utilizing the close car spot for a kid is the champion happening parents tin do.

“Correctly utilized kid information seats tin trim the hazard of decease successful arsenic overmuch arsenic 71 percent,” Gleaton said. “Just utilizing your car seats the close way, you tin trim the hazard of death.”


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