Facebook Launches Virtual-Reality Work App for Meetings

2 months ago 12
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Facebook is trying to propulsion successful workplace users with a caller virtual-reality meetings app called Horizon Workrooms.

Workrooms lets radical conscionable remotely successful a virtual abstraction populated by avatars. It's an app for Facebook's headset, which costs astatine slightest $300 and weighs a pound.

People without a headset tin articulation with a video call. Up to 50 radical tin beryllium connected the call, but lone 16 tin beryllium successful the VR abstraction with avatars. For the afloat VR experience, users request to person a Facebook account.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is simply a instrumentality of the “metaverse,” a vague conception that encompasses augmented and virtual world with caller ways of connecting. He expects it to beryllium the adjacent signifier of however radical acquisition the internet.

Virtual reality has ne'er truly taken off, even during the pandemic, erstwhile distant enactment became the norm for millions of bureau workers and made the videoconferencing work Zoom a household name.

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