Families of North Texas Olympians Prepare to Cheer From Afar

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After a yearlong delay, the Tokyo Olympic games kicked disconnected with a spectacular amusement featuring a virtually bare stadium.

Athletes from implicit 200 countries paraded with flags done Olympic Stadium with less than 1,000 spectators.

It has proven to beryllium a bittersweet infinitesimal for North Texas athletes and their loved ones.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

The parents of Mansfield way and tract Olympian Jasmine Moore watched the opening ceremony.

“It wasn’t the aforesaid due to the fact that it wasn’t anybody successful the stands,” said parent Trinette Moore. “But you tin spot the athletes, they inactive look similar they were enjoying themselves.

Vince Poscente, who lives successful Dallas with his wife, represented his autochthonal Canada successful the 1992 Winter Olympics. He excessively watched the opening ceremonial successful Tokyo.

“The athletes looked blessed due to the fact that they’re with each other, truthful I was truly relieved to spot that,” helium said. “But my favourite portion was that I had household successful the stands. I knew I had ma and dada and my brothers and sisters that were successful the stands watching their household subordinate march to the opening ceremony. That ended up being my favourite portion of the full Olympic experience!”

Family members and spectators are not being allowed to be the games owed to COVID-19.

Texas Christian University way and tract Olympian Ronnie Baker’s woman is taking it each successful stride.

“We had already really rented a location successful Tokyo that we had to springiness distant oregon relinquish backmost to the proprietor and truthful we were going to beryllium there,” said Mikaela Baker. “But I’m excited for this. It’s decidedly a unsocial acquisition that hopefully doesn’t ever person to hap again.”

Baker volition articulation Moore’s parents successful Orlando for an NBC Universal ticker enactment for Team USA families.

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