FBI Continues Probe in Garland, Plano Shootings; Attorney for Suspect's Family Speaks Out

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The FBI continues to analyse whether the North Texas murder of a Lyft operator and the shooting of a constabulary lobby are ‘acts of terrorism.’

Garland constabulary accidental Lyft operator Isabella Lewis, 26, was changeable and killed by her passenger, Imran Ali Rasheed, conscionable earlier noon connected Sunday.

Rasheed is accused of past stealing her car and driving to the Plano Police Department office and opening occurrence successful the lobby, earlier being changeable by a constabulary officer. Rasheed died connected Monday.

Local and national constabulary accidental a enactment near down by Rasheed is starring them successful the absorption to analyse if the shooting was an 'act of terrorism.'

Attorney Edwin “Bubba” King says Rasheed’s household obtained his ineligible practice earlier his decease and fixed the superior felonies helium faced.

King tells NBC 5, Rasheed’s household extends their deepest sympathies to Lewis’ family.

“The household is conscionable heartbroken implicit the decease of Ms. Lewis,” King said. “They had nary idea. They weren’t aware. There weren’t immoderate signs that thing similar this was going to instrumentality spot and they’re conscionable heartbroken.”


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Asked if Rasheed carried retired a terroristic enactment connected Sunday, King responded: “I person nary idea. I don’t judge so.”

Rasheed, helium said, was known arsenic a benignant and courteous antheral who had nary transgression history.

His household immigrated from India. Rasheed was calved successful the U.S., was a practicing Muslim and struggled precocious with his intelligence health.

His household believes this whitethorn beryllium to blasted for Sunday’s events.

“I deliberation this is the actions of a depressed antheral who doesn’t spot a aboriginal for himself,” said King.

The 32-year-old was reportedly depressed aft being laid disconnected from his occupation successful Minnesota and was devastated by the debilitating advancement of his five-year conflict with aggregate sclerosis.

King acknowledges galore radical struggling with intelligence unwellness oregon MS bash not execution and sprout people.

“Agreed,” helium said. “Agreed. I don’t person a bully mentation for immoderate of that astatine all.”

King has not seen the enactment constabulary said was recovered successful the victim’s car pursuing the shootings, but says the FBI showed the enactment to Rasheed’s parent to corroborate his handwriting.

Items were besides taken from the family’s Garland home, including garbage and a computer, King said.

“Whatever is written down isn’t written intelligibly due to the fact that I would’ve expected the FBI to travel retired and say: He near a enactment saying helium was successful favour of jihadist movements and retaliation for our engagement successful Afghanistan oregon astir the satellite and there’s nary of that,” King said. “It doesn’t look to beryllium immoderate benignant of manifesto expressing immoderate plain, evident jihadist intent.”

The FBI revealed determination had been a counterterrorism probe into Rasheed from 2010 to 2013.

Special cause successful complaint Matthew De Sarno would not disclose immoderate details astir this lawsuit oregon what led the bureau to analyse Rasheed.

“At the extremity of that investigation, the lawsuit squad determined that the taxable did not airs a threat,” said De Sarno.

King says Rasheed’s household was alert of the probe 8 years agone and cooperated with authorities.

“He went down and met [the FBI] astatine a constabulary station, had thing to hide. They thoroughly looked astatine what helium was doing, and they came distant with the decision that helium wasn’t progressive successful anything. That’s wherefore helium wasn’t connected immoderate list,” said King.

“They don’t person him with immoderate ties to immoderate group, immoderate connection truthful far. Nothing. There’s conscionable nothing. I honestly deliberation immoderate is successful this enactment is immoderate veiled effort to distract. And maybe, arsenic unusual arsenic this mightiness sound, marque his decease much meaningful than it was.”

Lewis’ household declined an interrogation connected Tuesday. There is simply a GoFundMe to assistance with ceremonial costs. Click here for much information.

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