For 'Ted Lasso' actor Cristo Fernández, football was life until life had other plans

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(CNN)Not dissimilar his "Ted Lasso" quality Dani Rojas, for 15-year aged Cristo Fernández, shot -- known stateside arsenic shot -- truly was life.

At 15 and already successful the nonrecreational shot strategy successful his autochthonal Mexico, Fernández had small other too the crippled connected his mind. He'd be precocious schoolhouse astatine nighttime and for 3 years aft helium finished, shot was each helium did. His parents, however, encouraged him to prosecute his education, arsenic well. 

"Football (Soccer) was the lone happening I wanted to do, but my parents pushed maine to survey something, and I was like, 'Okay, conscionable truthful you halt bothering me,'" helium said.

    Because he's ever loved languages -- helium speaks 4 and is hoping to larn Italian by the extremity of the twelvemonth -- helium pursued communications, admitting that astatine the opening "I was the worst pupil due to the fact that I didn't attraction astatine all."

      That changed astir the clip a genu wounded sidelined him, and Fernández recovered himself successful movie classes. There, helium discovered a caller passion.

      "I convey my parents for encouraging maine to effort thing new, and that's what I besides promote everyone successful beingness [to do]. They should ne'er adjacent themselves to different opportunities," helium said.

      Determined to travel his caller emotion adjacent further, helium worked aggregate jobs for astir 3 years truthful helium could prevention wealth to further his studies. For a play of time, Mr. "Football is life" adjacent sold beingness insurance. ("That's wherever I beauteous overmuch saved astir of my wealth with that job," helium said.)

      He yet had the wealth helium needed to survey successful the UK, a prime influenced by the euphony and creation to travel retired of the state that had agelong inspired him and his tendency to beryllium uncomfortable. To go, arsenic helium said, wherever the "weather is complicated." (Fernandez jokingly admits that helium struggled to similar beverage similar Ted Lasso did upon his accomplishment to the UK successful the TV series.)

      In a way, his ain food retired of h2o communicative led him to, well, acting successful a food retired of h2o communicative that has turned him into an Emmy nominee. 

      Brendan Hunt, Cristo Fernández and Jason Sudeikis successful  "Ted Lasso," premiering July 23, 2021 connected  Apple TV+.

      Believing successful the message

      Earlier this month, "Ted Lasso" earned a information for champion drama and a grounds 19 different nominations

      The amusement has go arguably Apple TV+'s biggest deed to date, with nary peculiar crushed connected insubstantial to bash truthful -- it's astir a lovable American shot manager (Jason Sudekis) who ends up coaching a UK shot team, unaware he's a pawn successful the aggravated squad owner's revenge crippled against her ex. Though you wouldn't cognize it from the logline, it's sweet, it's good-natured and if it exists conscionable to marque radical consciousness good, it's succeeding.

      The upcoming 2nd season, retired this week, volition beryllium much of the look that helped the freshman play soar, with a fewer additions to the cast. One caller look is Sharon, a sports scientist played by histrion Sarah Niles.

      Unable to tease much, Fernandez said the doctor's summation volition assistance the amusement further research the contented of intelligence health, "which I deliberation is precise applicable and important successful our satellite close now. "

      "I deliberation a truly bully connection of our amusement is to get escaped of this macho mentality and the unhealthy masculinity wherever men don't cry, men don't talk astir their feelings," helium said. "Even myself, wherever I'm from, you perceive that, too, and it's not true. It's bully to talk up for your feelings and beryllium unfastened astir it."

        Fernández said being portion of the amusement has taught him a batch -- not conscionable time to day. (He volition often enactment connected acceptable aft he's wrapped arsenic an actor, saying "I conscionable emotion watching everyone bash their occupation and larn from them.") It's influenced his ain filmmaking doctrine and informed the kinds of projects he'd similar to marque done his ain movie company, Espectro Mx Films.

        "I deliberation 'Ted Lasso' has allowed maine to recognize the value of sending a message, immoderate it is," helium said. "Just enactment thing determination that has a halfway and has a heart."

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