Fort Worth Cafe Celebrates Everybody Eats Week

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National Everybody Eats Week returns for its 3rd yearly run this year. It goes connected done Saturday, and the extremity is to bring radical to the array and transmission the powerfulness of assemblage to combat hunger.

"We privation them to guarantee idiosyncratic eats. And they tin travel dine astatine a assemblage café oregon springiness online and marque definite idiosyncratic tin devour this week," explained Julie Williams, committee president of One World Everybody Eats, the nonprofit down the campaign.

"We privation them to beforehand the cause. They tin motion up online to unpaid astatine a assemblage café oregon they tin instrumentality the pledge," she said. "Go connected to our website, and erstwhile they do, they're taking a pledge to beryllium committed to knowing much astir nutrient insecurity successful their community. And we'll supply further resources to assistance them recognize the nutrient insecurities circumstantial to their assemblage and the steps they tin instrumentality to commencement to physique a assemblage café."

Williams and hubby Jeff run Taste Community Restaurant in Fort Worth, a pay-what-you-can assemblage café. There are lone astir 50 assemblage cafes successful the nationalist network, and theirs is the lone subordinate cafe' successful Texas.

"It's important particularly done this COVID-19 pandemic. Every assemblage needs a assemblage café. Every assemblage needs that assemblage café to thrive due to the fact that it is simply a bully solution for a sustainable mode to provender our assemblage and erstwhile folks are successful need, they person an contiguous spot they tin go," she said.

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