Fort Worth, Dallas Zoos Plan to Vaccinate Animals Against COVID-19

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Two North Texas zoos mean to vaccinate immoderate of their animals against COVID-19.

The Fort Worth Zoo said it plans to vaccinate its primates, felids — including jaguars, cougars and bobcats — and canid species, specified arsenic reddish wolves, coyotes, and swift and grey foxes.

The zoo did not person a timeline for erstwhile vaccinations volition instrumentality place.

The Dallas Zoo said it has besides requested vaccine shipments to inoculate its large feline and ape taxon "and are presently connected the waiting database on with respective different zoos crossed the country."

Both zoos volition usage the COVID-19 vaccine made for animals and donated by Zoetis, an carnal wellness company.

Neither zoo has had immoderate animals trial affirmative for COVID-19.

In a July release, Zoetis said its experimental COVID-19 vaccine has been authorized connected a case-by-case ground by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and "the due authorities veterinarians."

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Zoetis said that it would beryllium donating much than 11,000 doses of the vaccine to astir 70 zoos, arsenic good arsenic conservatories and different institutions crossed 27 states.

The institution said it provided a proviso of its experimental vaccines successful January to the San Diego Zoo for usage successful its large ape colonisation aft respective members of the zoo's gorilla unit were diagnosed with COVID-19.

The 2 North Texas zoos aren't the lone ones successful the authorities hoping to usage the vaccine successful its carnal population. The San Antonio Zoo is besides scheduled to administer its archetypal doses of the Zoetis vaccine successful the coming weeks.

“We are looking to initially vaccinate those taxon that person been shown to declaration COVID-19,” said Dr. Rob Coke, manager of veterinary attraction astatine the San Antonio Zoo successful a connection connected Facebook. “Species specified arsenic our ample and mean feline species, lesser apes, different primates, mongoose, mink, ferrets, and otters are each connected our database to vaccinate. Others volition beryllium added to the database arsenic vaccine availability and probe progresses.”

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