Fort Worth Resident Represents Team USA in Tokyo Olympics Skateboarding

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Alana Smith ne'er dreamed she would beryllium successful the Olympics. Not due to the fact that she didn't judge successful herself, but alternatively due to the fact that the athletics she loved wasn’t considered for the satellite event.

Then, connection that past would beryllium made successful the Tokyo Olympics. The athletics the Fort Worth nonmigratory has loved since she was a kid would beryllium successful the Olympics.

“It’s wild,” Smith said. “Especially being 1 of precise fewer [athletes] for the United States. There are lone six connected the women’s squad and six connected the men’s team. It’s amazing. It’s a imagination travel true. Especially for idiosyncratic who grew up watching the Olympics, but ne'er thought that I would beryllium successful it.”


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Smith, who grew up successful Arizona, said the anticipation for this Games has been gathering since she recovered retired she qualified. The pandemic slowed things down, arsenic it did for each Olympian, but she said she’s conscionable thankful she is yet successful Tokyo and acceptable to compete.

“If you would person told maine similar 5 oregon six years agone that skating was going to beryllium successful the Olympics, I would person thought you were crazy,” Smith said. “This is astir a afloat ellipse infinitesimal for me. I yet get to consciousness similar I get to fig myself out. This is similar my adjacent chapter.”

Smith walked successful the Parade of Nations with Team USA during the Opening Ceremony and said it was hard to picture however she felt during the experience.

“We virtually went and arsenic soon arsenic we walked retired we were benignant of crying. This was crazy. I knew I conscionable didn’t privation to beryllium each teary eyed, but it was hard to power it,” Smith said.

Smith said skateboarding successful the Olympics is astir overmuch much than the athletes who volition beryllium portion of the inaugural lawsuit successful Tokyo. It’s astir being an inspiration.

“Being idiosyncratic who grew up skating with the boys and skating with the girls and skating with everybody, I’ve ne'er truly felt similar I acceptable either role. I conscionable wanted to beryllium known arsenic a bully skater and a bully quality each around. No substance gender, penchant oregon anything, conscionable arsenic a bully human. I conscionable privation to unrecorded life, beryllium blessed and unrecorded connected a board,” Smith said.

The docket for skateboarding could alteration owed to inclement upwind expected successful Tokyo, check for updates here.

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