Fort Worth Student Celebrates College Success

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Getting done the archetypal twelvemonth of assemblage is an accomplishment connected its ain - but making the Dean's List portion studying remotely is thing good.

And that's precisely what Aida Martinez did.

This clip past year, the young pistillate from Fort Worth graduated from the Young Women's Leadership Academy and was headed 1,700 miles from location to assemblage successful Massachusetts.

The pandemic turned those plans upside down.

Instead of experiencing field beingness astatine Smith College, a backstage woman's assemblage successful North Hampton, Martinez spent her freshman twelvemonth - that captious twelvemonth of accommodation - astatine location connecting with professors remotely

Her self-discipline, determination and perseverance paid off.

Martinez recovered retired past week she'd made the Dean's List. Her GPA enactment her successful the apical 25% of the Smith pupil body.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

She'll permission for Massachusetts successful a period to measurement connected to field for the archetypal time.

Martinez is simply a treble large successful biology and science with plans to prosecute a vocation successful pediatric wellness care.

The young pistillate has firsthand acquisition with wellness care.

Her younger sister was diagnosed with kidney crab arsenic a preschooler. A fewer years later, doctors discovered Martinez had a uncommon bosom condition.

She told a newsman for that arsenic a sophomore successful precocious school, she had open-heart country and went connected to service arsenic people president astatine YWLA Fort Worth each 4 years.

“Truly the champion happening that ever happened to maine was astir dying,” Martinez told the Mavericks for an nonfiction connected the website. "I conscionable got a full caller consciousness of gratitude, emotion for the world, and compassion for different people."

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