Frisco Mother to Reunite With Afghan Refugee Son, While Pleading for Help for Family Left Behind

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As the departure of American troops from Kabul’s airdrome grows closer, Americans trying to get household retired of Afghanistan are losing hope.

A Frisco woman, Atefa Sharifi, is celebrating the information that her 15-year-old lad is 1 measurement person to safety, portion increasing much hopeless to prevention loved ones near behind.

Sharifi, present a U.S. citizen, has been moving to bring her lad to the United States for 8 years.

She came to the state successful 2013 arsenic a exile done the Special Immigrant Visa program. But though her son, Saeed, was included successful her application, helium was denied arsenic U.S. migration instrumentality doesn’t admit Afghan adoptions.

"That's however we got separated from each other,” said Sharifi.

Over the past mates of weeks, arsenic Taliban moved into Kabul, her tireless enactment to get Saeed to the States grew desperate.

Sharifi's past work to the U.S. Embassy arsenic some an interpreter and American Citizen Service Assistant enactment Saeed’s beingness astatine risk.


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Following dozens of calls and emails, they got a hail mary arsenic the State Department helped facilitate an extraction.

Thursday morning, agents told Saeed to hold astatine a state presumption extracurricular successful Kabul and flash his compartment telephone airy erstwhile helium saw a definite car thrust by. Agents past placed him successful a car and transported him to the airdrome wherever helium was capable to get onto a level bound for Qatar.

Now, arsenic Sharifi waits for her lad to yet marque it to the United States, she calls the infinitesimal bittersweet.

Though Saeed is present retired of the Taliban's reach, Sharifi's sister Latifa, a humanitarian rights lawyer and her 3 children are not. As targets of the Taliban, she said they're forced to determination from 1 harmless location to the next.

Like thousands of others, they’ve spent the past mates of weeks venturing to the airdrome successful hopes of escape. Now, adjacent that’s not safe.

"It was truthful horrible implicit there. I cannot explicate it. She has a 3-year-old son, and helium was connected the crushed and she said radical were stepping connected him,” she said.

Sharifi besides continues to fearfulness for her son, who's present successful a exile campy successful Qatar. The program is to get him onto a level headed to DFW, but she and her lawyer are present unsure however rapidly that tin happen.

"It's tough. My bosom is breaking. I cannot sleep, possibly 2 hours,” said Sharifi. “I cannot devour food, due to the fact that erstwhile I spot the nutrient successful beforehand of maine I say, is my lad eating?"

As some a parent and sister, she said it's hard not to fto despair overshadow hope, but Sharifi continues to commune and plead for anyone who tin assistance to bash so.

"If they tin assistance me, delight assistance maine to bring my sister and her small kids. That's my request,” said Sharifi.

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