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While I don't request to regale you of the trials of 2020, past twelvemonth was an implicit banger of a twelvemonth for video games. Titles specified arsenic The Last of Us Part II, Hades, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons wowed america with affectional stories, frenetic moment-to-moment gameplay, and a much-needed consciousness of escapism from the satellite crumbling astir us. 

One of the year's main highlights was besides a PlayStation exclusive and didn't diagnostic Joel oregon Ellie. Ghost of Tsushima wowed america erstwhile it was archetypal released past twelvemonth and was a stark reminder that the improvement squad implicit astatine Sucker Punch knows however to marque large video games. 

The workplace hasn't rested connected its laurels, though, arsenic Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut volition motorboat aboriginal this week, and (we're not bragging, we promise) we've gotten to spell hands-on with each the latest additions.

Join Matt Miller and Alex Stadnik for a circuit of Iki Island, the location of Ghost of Tsushima's latest expansion. On this caller occurrence of New Gameplay Today, we're taking a look astatine a plethora of updates that fans of the crippled won't privation to miss. The combat strategy grows with caller enemies, the shamans, that volition telephone allies successful to effort and overwhelm you. These powerhouses are lethal and adjacent regular enemies tin power their weapons connected the fly, forcing players to beryllium adjacent much focused connected what stance they elite to bash conflict in.

On apical of the breathtaking caller tweaks to combat, the Iki Island enlargement besides features a communicative that nicely intertwines with the archetypal narrative. We won't spoil the amusive present but cognize the caller communicative skillfully weaves into Jin's tragic communicative of family, honor, and the horrors of war.

Speaking of spoilers, we besides privation to constituent retired that portion we did our champion not to ruin the amusive for anyone picking up the caller content, everything you spot is from the archetypal hours of the crippled and has insignificant spoilers attached to them. You person been warned!

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