Gov. Abbott Tells CNBC ‘Things Are Looking Good' When it Comes to COVID-19 in Texas

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During a wide-ranging interrogation with CNBC's Squawk connected the Street Thursday morning, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) defended caller authorities connected termination and elections and said "things are looking good" successful the Lone Star State erstwhile it comes to battling COVID-19.

The greeting aft the Texas Department of State Health Services reported different 320 COVID-19 related deaths, 21,000 caller cases, and a flimsy summation successful hospitalizations, the politician told CNBC big Morgan Brennan, "numbers are flatlining, if not declining."

Hospitalizations successful the authorities person been hovering astir 13,900 for much than a week. But successful that aforesaid clip frame, the 7-day mean for deaths has accrued from 170 per time to 230 per day. On Wednesday, the DSHS reported 320 deaths which was the highest single-day full since Feb. 23.

"The positivity complaint successful Texas is astatine a three-week debased and has steadily declined for 3 weeks," Abbott said. "In fact, it’s the lowest that it has been successful implicit a month, hospitalizations are flatlining, the positivity cases are flatlining, truthful things are looking good."

Coronavirus Pandemic

Full sum of the COVID-19 outbreak and however it impacts you

Of the positivity rate, the numbers person dropped from an August precocious of 18.72% to 15.02% Wednesday. The positivity complaint is the complaint astatine which affirmative cases of the microorganism are confirmed done testing. In the past 2 weeks since children person gone backmost to school, hospitals person reported being inundated with requests for tests owed to reported exposures successful the schoolroom portion besides dealing with an overwhelming request for captious services.

Abbott added that infusion centers being opened astir the authorities are "doing a terrific occupation of reducing hospitalizations." The infusion centers, the astir caller of which was opened Wednesday successful McKinney, supply the Regeneron monoclonal antibody attraction astatine nary outgo to the patient.

Abbott was asked astir the state's argumentation of banning mitigation efforts similar disguise and vaccine mandates, to which helium replied that determination seems to beryllium a constricted maturation play for the delta variant and that due to the fact that of the fig of radical successful the authorities who person already had coronavirus the numbers volition soon beryllium going down.

"It seems similar there's a lifespan of advancement of the delta variant that lasts astir a period oregon truthful and past you spot a decline, and you spot this repeated from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and it looks similar it's being repeated successful the authorities of Texas," Abbott said. "The information of the substance is, there's a tremendous magnitude of acquired immunity successful the authorities of Texas. One study showed that astatine slightest 30% of Texans bash person acquired immunity … truthful with our acquired immunity, with those who person already received afloat vaccination, the numbers are opening to look precise bully successful the authorities of Texas."

Acquired immunity comes from having been infected with coronavirus, and according to the Texas DSHS, determination person been much than 3.6 cardinal confirmed and probable infections successful Texas since March 2020. What's not wide is however agelong those who were infected clasp their immunity.

On Legislation Affecting Business

Citing a survey by Forbes, Brennan said astir two-thirds of college-educated workers said they whitethorn debar Texas due to the fact that of the caller termination instrumentality that went into effect Wednesday. Brennan asked the politician if helium was disquieted caller authorities whitethorn hinder the state's quality to person some businesses and workers to proceed to determination to Texas.

Abbott said portion immoderate publications effort to nexus the state's concern situation to legislative action, "the information of the substance shows thing wholly different. The Federal Reserve puts retired a study each azygous period that shows the mobility of radical moving from 1 authorities to another. Month aft period aft month, including the astir caller month, shows that radical are choosing to determination to Texas much than immoderate different authorities successful the United States and it's not adjacent close."

Earlier this summer, CNBC's yearly ranking of the champion states for concern dropped Texas to fourth.

Brennan past asked Abbott astir the state's new predetermination integrity instrumentality passed during the 2nd peculiar league and concerns shared by immoderate businesses implicit accessibility to polls.

"Texas was making it easier to ballot than earlier the instrumentality passed. Let maine conscionable springiness you 1 speedy illustration and that is Texas has astir 2 weeks of aboriginal voting to marque it precise casual for radical to ballot and successful the president's location authorities of Delaware, they person zero days of aboriginal voting truthful it's acold easier for radical to ballot successful Texas," Abbott said.

Two weeks of aboriginal voting is not caller to Texas. What's changed successful the caller instrumentality is that the full authorities is present taxable to standardizing aboriginal voting betwixt 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., closing the enactment for immoderate locations to stay unfastened 24 hours oregon for shorter durations successful different areas.

"When they larn the facts of what the predetermination integrity instrumentality does successful the authorities of Texas, they recognize that Texas was adding much clip to vote," Abbott said. "Texas was making it easier to ballot than earlier the instrumentality passed. If radical look astatine the facts, they realize, hold a second, Texas truly is simply a well-governed state."

The caller instrumentality besides outlaws drive-through voting, a method allowed by immoderate Democratic-led counties successful 2020 owed to the pandemic, increases recognition requirements and forbids counties from distributing mail-in ballot applications, among different changes.

Critics of the 75-page agelong measure known arsenic SB1 said it was an effort to suppress the turnout of an ascendant and much divers electorate arsenic Republicans, who are utilized to racking up commanding electoral victories successful America's biggest reddish state, statesman to suffer ground.

Still, Abbott said Thursday that galore businesses moving to Texas, on with galore residents of the state, enactment his docket and the steps taken by the legislature.

"You request to recognize that there's a batch of businesses and a batch of Americans who similar the societal positions that the authorities of Texas is taking," Abbott said. "Again, radical ballot with their feet and this is not slowing down businesses coming to the authorities of Texas astatine all. In fact, it is accelerating the process of businesses coming to Texas."

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