Grand Dames Interview: Ageism In Gaming, Skyrim Grandma Has A Sword, And The Beauty Of The Gaming Community

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From Grandma Shirley talking astir her emotion of sidesplitting radical and her hidden dagger to Miss Jessa talking astir the quality of the assemblage they built, present is wherefore you should beryllium paying attraction to the Grand Dames. 

Everyone knows Shirley, AKA Skyrim Grandma, by now. Her assemblage loves her truthful much, for bully reason, due to the fact that of the calming gaming experiences she has to connection the nationalist done her adventures successful Tamriel. In fact, she is adjacent a afloat voiced follower successful Skyrim present thanks to this mod, and she's adjacent going to beryllium an existent quality successful The Elder Scrolls 6. But what you whitethorn not cognize is that she's a portion of a radical of phenomenal women called the Grand Dames, and we sat down with these astonishing gamers to larn much astir their travel and perceive much astir their thoughts connected the gaming community. 

Meet the Grand Dames

You tin larn much astir these astonishing women close here, but here's an intro into each Dame earlier diving into our video interview! 

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