Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Principal at Center of Controversy Suspended

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A main astatine the halfway of a contention successful the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District has been placed connected paid administrative leave, the territory says.

Superintendent Robin Ryan released a connection Monday saying Colleyville Heritage High School Principal James Whitfield has been enactment connected paid administrative permission and an interim main has been installed.

A connection from Ryan connected Monday said, successful part, "I wanted to stock accusation with you regarding the enactment astatine Colleyville Heritage High School. Effective immediately, Dr. Whitfield has been enactment connected paid administrative leave."

Ryan said successful her connection that she would not spell into specifics astir wherefore Whitfield had been placed connected permission due to the fact that "it is simply a unit matter."

"I did privation you to perceive astir it straight from me. I besides privation you to cognize that the full territory enactment squad and I are afloat committed to the occurrence and well-being of Colleyville Heritage students arsenic we determination guardant together," Ryan wrote.

Whitfield, who is Black, was named main of Colleyville Heritage up of the 2020-21 schoolhouse twelvemonth and was soon aft accused online and successful committee meetings of teaching captious contention mentation -- a content that achromatic radical are inherently racist.

Whitfield released a connection astir the suspension to NBC 5 Monday afternoon, saying "I person done thing incorrect by anyone. I’ve lone chosen to talk up aft they allowed that antheral to talk my sanction astatine the committee meeting. Instead of speaking retired against the behaviour ... they came aft me."


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Whitfield spoke lone to NBC 5 News weeks agone erstwhile helium said the territory wasn't doing capable to dispel the rumors.

After months of accusations, Whitfield took to societal media and defended himself and accused his territory of not lasting by his broadside portion empowering his critics who demanded helium region 10-year-old photos of him and his wife, who is white, embracing connected the beach.

A petition successful support of Whitfield has hundreds of signatures.

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